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Here’s Why Colton Underwood Jumped the Fence on The Bachelor

Well, we finally have an answer after all this time. If you didn’t watch last night’s episode, allow us to explain why Colton Underwood jumped the fence on The Bachelor. Never did we ever think we’d be discussing a suitor on the ABC dating competition series literally jumping over a fence, but here we are.

Colton’s leap all started when Cassie’s dad showed up in Portugal to make sure his daughter really wanted to marry not only Colton, but a man she just met on a reality show. Well, eventually, Cassie realized that despite her feelings for Colton she wasn’t ready to make such a huge decision, nor was she ready for that type of commitment. In the end, Cassie left.

Understandably, Colton was totally blindsided by Cassie’s decision. He even tried to convince Cassie to stay and promise her that they could be together even without a proposal. But no matter what he said, Cassie had made up her mind. So, in the end, Colton had enough. He reacted in the moment by getting up, leaving and jumping over a fence.

Really, who can blame him, especially when Colton made it sound like he wasn’t going to propose to Tayshia or Hannah G. In the end, what’s the point of Colton continuing his romance journey, when it sure seems like he wanted to give Cassie the final rose. These certainly appeared to be the thoughts running through his mind in the moment.

As you can imagine, fans couldn’t help but react to Colton flying over the fence. Below are just a few that will probably make you chuckle.

As funny as the above reactions are, there were many fans who just found the situation sad, which is totally understandable, especially based on the reason why Colton reacted the way he did.

Even host Chris Harrison, who went after Colton on Monday, said the Bachelor star’s reaction to Cassie leaving struck an emotional chord with production. “It’s really emotional on all of our parts,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “A lot of tears were shed and a lot of things were said that may not be suitable for ABC, but we all kind of aired our grievances and let it all out.” Harrison also said about himself, “Yeah, I was emotional. I won’t say if I cried or not, you’ll have to see. The night was emotional.”

Monday’s episode ended with “to be continued,” so who knows what will happen next. Maybe Colton jumped over the fence and ran towards Cassie car that she took after deciding to leave? If so, maybe Colton caught up to her and will convince her to stay. Whatever the case, Colton jumping the fence will definitely go down in the history of unforgettable Bachelor moments.

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