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Suits Alum Patrick J. Adams Teases a Possible Return For the Final Season

Fingers crossed this Suits alum actually does make it back for the final season later in 2019 because it would be so huge. Earlier this week, Patrick J. Adams teased a possible return to Suits for the final season, which would mean he’d be reprising his role as flashy attorney Mike Ross. The mere thought is exciting, so let’s unpack what he said in a recent interview on the subject.

In case you forgot, it’s been a hot minute since Adams was on Suits. He — along with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (née Markle), and Gina Torres — left the legal series at the end of its seventh season. In January, the show announced that season nine would mark the end of the hit show. With such a bit event on the horizon, it’s only natural to wonder if he’d show up at some point during the final season, especially since he was one of the original actors on the show.

“We’re trying to figure out and see if it’s possible. I hope so,” Adams said of a possible return while speaking to Entertainment Tonight at a benefit in Los Angeles this weekend, continuing, “With schedules and other work that’s coming along, it’s just a scheduling thing, but I’m hoping so. It depends on the story they write. They gotta figure it out, and if they even want me. You’ve gotta ask them. I’d love to make it work if I could.”

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Sarah Rafferty, Adams’ former costar on Suits, also chatted with ET about the future of the series, saying, “He’s down for [the last season]. Well, then, the cat’s out of the bag. I hope I can talk him into it tonight. I will give him a little tequila and get him to write it down. Pinky swear. He’s a man of his word, I think he’ll do it. We can’t say goodbye without him.”

Rafferty also has another Suits role in mind for Adams, which we’re very much here for.

“I also really hope that he comes back to direct,” she said, likely nominating him since he directed the show’s 100th episode, adding, “That would really mean a lot to me. He’s an amazing director and you feel really safe [with him].”

So, while it’s highly unlikely that Meghan will return for the final season of Suits and Torres is going to be very busy on the set of her Suits spinoff, Pearson, it feels like a return for Adams isn’t entirely out of the question. It’s definitely time to start crossing those fingers, folks.

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