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Courteney Cox Recreates an Iconic Friends Scene in Real Life, & We’re Living for It

Some TV moments are timeless, no matter how many years pass. Case in point? Courteney Cox just recreated the “Pivot!” scene from Friends in real life, and it’s still hilarious — 20 years (almost to the day) since the original scene aired on the hit sitcom. All it took was the right timing and an oversized piece of furniture for Cox to bring joy to millions of fans with an epic Friends reference. Could we be any more excited about this?

Cox took to Instagram on Saturday to share a short video of her boyfriend, Johnny McDaid, moving a large desk with the help of a few friends. And, obviously, any true Friends fan can guess what Cox yelled repeatedly to assist in the move. “Pivot! Pivot! Pivot,” Cox shouts after briefly explaining to the camera they’re trying to move a piece of furniture down the hall. “Don’t scratch the walls… pivot!” she adds. To their credit, McDaid and his pals only seem marginally annoyed to be looped into Cox’s recreation. “That’s so helpful, darling; thank you,” McDaid tells Cox as he and the other men struggle to maneuver the desk. That’s right; no one sarcastically responded, “Shut up, shut up, shut uuuuup.” Although to be clear, that would have been funny, too.

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Just another Friday night #pivot

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The entire exchange should feel familiar to anyone who has watched Friends. In season five of the series, Ross (David Schwimmer) enlists Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) to help him move his sofa into his new apartment. There’s a hitch, though: Ross’ apartment isn’t on the ground level, and there’s a rather angular and winding stairwell the trio must thread before getting the sofa to its spot in Ross’ new living room. As they attempt to do just that, Ross — the brother of Cox’s character, Monica — micromanages the process to disastrous effect, turning “Pivot!” into a personal catchphrase. It’s arguably one of the most iconic and frequently quotes scenes from the show.

While things did not end well for the sofa in the original scene, Cox’s crew fares far better and ultimately delivers the desk to its resting spot. Ross would be so proud!

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