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Chip & Joanna Gaines Donate Baby Crew’s Bassinet to a Fan Who Is ‘Finally Expecting’

Once again, HGTV’s beloved Waco-based husband-and-wife team have made a fan’s dreams come true. Only this time, it has nothing to do with a house reno! Rather, Chip and Joanna Gaines donated their baby’s bassinet to a fan. And while it would be easy to imagine the incredibly generous gift was somehow tied to Fixer Upper or another part of the Gaines’ growing empire, this sweet and surprising gesture simply came about thanks to social media.

It all started back in February when Chip posted a precious photo of the couple’s fifth child, 8-month-old son Crew. It’s clear from the comical photo that perhaps baby Crew had gotten a bit too big to fit soundly in his high-tech Snoo Smart Sleeper bassinet. “Uh oh… what happens when they outgrow the #snoo??” Chip captioned the snapshot. In the comment feed, a fan by the name of Kelly Claggett chimed in, “Sell it to me!! After 12 years my husband and I are FINALLY expecting!!” While Claggett likely wasn’t expecting the comment to stick, Chip quickly responded, writing, “We’re so excited for you! Let’s get her set up.” Chip’s assistant commented that they would be sending Claggett a direct message, leaving the thrilled mom-to-be at a loss for words — other than a fitting crying-face emoji and an incredulous, “WHAT!!!!! Thank You!!!”

Of course, this left other fans on the feed to wonder if the act of bassinet benevolence really was happening. And, spoiler alert: It totally did. While the original conversation occurred on Feb. 16, Claggett posted an update to Facebook Friday afternoon confirming Chip and Joanna had, in fact, gifted the growing Claggett family with baby Crew’s Snoo. “Something absolutely BANANAS happened a few weeks ago,” Claggett started the post. “I made an offhand comment to Chip Gains [sic] and then the rest was nothing that I ever would have expected. I do not feel worthy of any of it but like I have told the ones of you who already know.. God gets every ounce of glory in this. This is just his way of saying I SEE YOU AND I LOVE YOU!”

While the overjoyed Claggetts would undoubtedly have been happy with any bassinet, the nearly $1300 Snoo might just ease their transition into parenting. The brainchild of The Happiest Baby on the Block author Harvey Karp, M.D., the bassinet claims to operate on the “5 S” method of newborn soothing that recreates five sensations babies feel in the womb: swaddling, side/stomach positioning, shushing, swinging and sucking. Accordingly, Karp suggests it can add hours of undisturbed sleep at night for both new parents and their babies. It even has a program to help sleep train babies prior to moving to a crib.

As part of Claggett’s post, she also shared a photo of her and her husband with the Snoo box in the background, adding, “Our baby and family is blessed by this random act of kindness and I’ll never stop trying to pay it forward.” The gift caps off a long journey for the Claggetts, who (as her husband pointed out) have actually been trying to conceive for 14 years, not 12. “Their generosity is absolutely remarkable,” Claggett told Parents of Chip and Jo. “It’s hard to find anymore.”

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