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Kristen Bell Reveals Bradley Cooper & Dax Shepard Have a Perfect Bromance

These two continue to be #CoupleGoals as we move further into 2019. On Monday, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell appeared together on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where they talked hot sauce, giving “the talk” to their kids and a not-so-surprising celebrity crush was revealed. During the interview, Bell told DeGeneres that Shepard and Bradley Cooper have a super-sweet bromance that they often act on when they see each other, including at awards shows like the recent Golden Globes.

“OK, so your first crush was Brad Pitt,” DeGeneres noted, speaking to Shepard and referencing his birthday appearance on her show when he wore custom-made Pitt pajamas. “You moved on, then it was Bradley Cooper. You went to the Golden Globes cause [Bell was] nominated, congratulations… So you’re at the Golden Globes, you see Bradley…“

From there, Shepard took over the story, recalling the run-in with his Hit and Run costar.

“And immediately [Cooper] says, ‘I saw you on Ellen‘ and he said, ‘And I was watching it and it was really funny but there was a moment where you said, I like Bradley,'” Shepard explained. Next, he said, Cooper told him, “My heart sank. But then you said, ‘I love Bradley’ and then I felt a lot better.”

“It’s a very sweet bromance,” Bell interjected, before Shepard noted, “We were so moved by that, that then—” and DeGeneres pulled up a now-famous photo of Shepard and Cooper jokingly leaning in for a kiss on the red carpet.

Bell joked that while her husband and Cooper seemingly locked lips, she was off to the side, “lonely as can be. Just really wondering why I’m not involved, you know?”

Shepard joked, “You’ve got lips! We’re not the only two with lips there!” He also noted, “What a name, Bradley,” making a nominal connection between his crushes on Pitt and Cooper.

It’s always a joy to see Bell and Shepard interviewed together, especially when they recall funny moments like this one. Their friendships are famously wacky, but also seem genuinely wonderful.

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