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Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper’s Live Performance of ‘Shallow’ Was the Best Part of the Oscars

Make no mistake, there were some epic performances lined up for the 91st Academy Awards. But when Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performed “Shallow” at the 2019 Oscars, it left little doubt about what would become the night’s most talked-about moment. Looking like two whole snacks, Gaga and Cooper laid all their chemistry bare for the searing rendition of the Oscar-nominated song from their Oscar-nominated film A Star Is Born. The result: a total thirst trap that has fans going, well, gaga on social media over the pair’s potential for love.

We all know that Cooper is happily dating supermodel Irina Shayk and, if we’re really being honest, they looked pretty smitten with each other on the red carpet. Still, that doesn’t take away from the fact that A Star Is Born has forever changed our perception of the dynamic between Gaga and Cooper. Fans have since found it practically impossible to separate the entertainers from the film’s rising star Allie and tortured rocker Jackson Maine, who fall hard and fast for each other. So much so, in fact, that the Twittersphere is convinced Gaga and Cooper are secretly dating — and their steamy performance at the Oscars did little to dissuade anyone. Nor did the fact that Shayk was planted firmly between the two in every photo of the trio in their seats.

As for Gaga and Cooper’s time onstage, we’re going to need a cold shower and a slow drag after watching the intimate performance. And we don’t even smoke! It was that good. It started subtly, with the pair walking quietly to the stage hand in hand. Gaga took her seat at the piano, Cooper took his mic and magic ensued. By the end of the song, they were both on the piano bench and we were in love. Or lust? It’s hard to tell since we’re still over here feeling some kind of way. Not surprisingly, Twitter took a collective gasp and proceeded to pour forth awe (and, real talk, an abundance of hormones) over Gaga and Cooper’s palpable connection.

With the news of Gaga’s recent split from fiancé Christian Carino still fresh in everyone’s mind, it’s little wonder that fans of A Star Is Born are optimistic that perhaps Gaga and Cooper’s onscreen love could translate offscreen. While Gaga hasn’t yet weighed in with a reason for the breakup, Sunday night’s performance of “Shallow” undoubtedly gave ‘shippers plenty of fuel.

You can catch the full performance here. Now, if you’ll excuse us, there’s a cold shower calling our name.

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