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A Quiet Place 2 Is Confirmed! The Abbott Family Returns in 2020

Here’s a bit of news we couldn’t stay silent about if we tried — a Quiet Place sequel has been confirmed, and the original cast is in talks to return for the follow-up. The 2018 horror hit, which kept audiences on pins and needles, starred John Krasinski and Emily Blunt as a husband and wife trying to keep their kids safe from a race of predatory sound-hunting monsters in a postapocalyptic world.

Per the Hollywood Reporter, Krasinski will direct the second installment just as he did the first. In October 2018, he revealed he’d begun writing the sequel’s screenplay, even though he hadn’t originally planned to be involved in the sequel. To that end, the sequel wasn’t expected to follow the Abbott family. However, young stars Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe are reportedly now in talks to reprise their roles as Regan and Marcus Abbott, the children of Blunt and Krasinski’s Evelyn and Lee.

On Friday, Krasinski teased the film’s return, posting a photo of the Abbott family home on Instagram. “…time to go back. #PartII 5-15-20,” Krasinski captioned the post, revealing the sequel’s release date, much to the delight of fans. Filming is reportedly slated to begin late this summer.

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…time to go back. #PartII

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Simmonds and Jupe are said to be under option, simply meaning that their initial contracts left it open for the studio to reserve them for a follow-up film. It seems likely that the young stars will receive a salary bump for the sequel, given that A Quiet Place cost only $17 million to make but grossed $340 million worldwide. It also seems likely that Jupe and Simmonds, who recently referred to Krasinski as “our director and fearless leader,” would be eager to work on the second installment.

Blunt feels like a given, considering her support for Krasinski’s vision for the project from the start. Although her salary for movies typically falls in the $8 million to $9 million range, she reportedly took a sizable pay cut to participate in A Quiet Place. Rumor has it that she will do the same for the sequel, despite having won a SAG award for her work in the nearly dialogue-free film.

TBH, though, we’re grateful. We can’t imagine a follow-up without Blunt’s badass, shotgun-toting mom Evelyn gracing the screen.

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