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Chris Hemsworth Launches His Fitness App, Centr, & We’re Already Downloading It

If you want to work out with Thor, look no further than your smartphone. Avengers: Infinity War star Chris Hemsworth launched Centr,a health and fitness app, earlier this month and it features not just workouts to do at home or at the gym, but also curated playlists, nutrition advice and opportunities to work with mindfulness experts. Per Us Weekly, the app focuses on three major components of a healthy lifestyle: training, eating and living. OK, Hemsworth, you’ve got our attention. Tell us more!

“I believe we all have untapped potential. And we all need support to achieve our goals,” Hemsworth said in a press release about his latest project. “Centr puts the world’s best in the palm of your hand, to help you develop a healthier body, stronger mind and a happier life.”

Us reports that Hemsworth chose internationally renowned experts, including personal trainers, celebrity chefs, meditation teachers and well-being gurus to help him develop the app. In addition to creating his own specialized playlists for the app, he also enlisted one of the most important people in his life to develop some: his wife, the actor Elsa Pataky.

Available exclusively through Apple Music, Hemsworth’s and Pataky’s playlists are “designed to make you sweat harder, lift heavier, stretch longer, box another round, even turn down the volume in your head,” according to a press release.

Hemsworth frequently posts photos and videos of his workouts on social media, encouraging his fans and followers to do things like “mix it up” with their workout routines. Centr is customizable to that effect — users can choose a trainer, set goals and workout intensity, then try any number of workouts from yoga to strength-training to MMA.

Centr’s social media also offers tips and tricks to its followers, including workout steps and recipes for snacks and meals.

This is an exciting step forward for Hemsworth, whose muscles are literally godly thanks to his long tenure as the mighty Thor in Marvel’s Avengers movies. He’ll also need to stay bulked up for his upcoming role as Hulk Hogan in a new biopic about the wrestler’s life.

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