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This Is Us Has Big Plans for Beth & Randall, & It Involves Them Staying Together

It’s been a tough road for Beth and Randall Pearson on This Is Us, but what does the show have in store for their future? New commentary from one executive producer is hinting at the future of Beth and Randall on This Is Us, including how the beloved couple will handle Beth’s new career path, was tackled on Tuesday night’s new Beth-focused episode, “Our Little Island Girl.” Don’t panic just yet, This Is Us fans. Although it might be good to stay plugged into what the show has planned for these two.

Season three specifically has been brutal for Beth and Randall thus far. Randall’s been driving us — and Beth — crazy with his political campaign, which he recently won. He’s now preparing to take office as a local politician. Meanwhile, Beth has been struggling to find a new career path, and as of Tuesday night’s new episode, her love of dance was reignited and we finally got the link to that flash-forward scene, which showed Beth as a dance teacher in the future.

E! News reported on This Is Us executive producer Elizabeth Berger’s take on the Randall and Beth’s current situation. “I think, obviously, this is a really beautiful moment for them,” Berger said on a TV Critics Association panel after a screening of the Beth-centric episode. “That being said, life goes on. And, you know, we’re on the verge of Randall launching into this new political career where he’s going to be a councilman, we’re on the verge of [Beth] finally figuring out what she wants to do. And her schedule is going to be changing, you’ve got three girls in the house. So, as exciting as this is for them, real life is going to continue, and there are still going to be challenges that come up along the way.”
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Executive producer Isaac Aptaker also commented on Beth and Randall’s future in the same panel as Berger, telling E!, “[I]t’s just such a question mark of, how are we going to handle this? And I think that’s really what the next batch of episodes for that family are going to be about. We have a wife at a total crossroads in her career and figuring out what she wants to do for herself. We have a young girl who’s just declared that she’s questioning her sexuality, we have an adopted daughter who wants to reunite with her birth mother, and then now we have [Randall], who’s just accepted this massive job in a career he’s never worked in before, pretty far from home. So it’s just going to be about how do they really try to maintain everything that’s so special and amazing and close-knit about their family while enduring quite a lot of obstacles.”
So what do we do? Is it time to buy more tissues and high-end pints of ice cream? Well, if Sterling K. Brown’s (Randall) latest tweet is anything to go by, we shouldn’t be too worried about those flash-forwards, which don’t show the couple together. Instead, he promises everything is cool with the couple, captioning a photo of himself and costar Susan Kelechi Watson (Beth) on the set of This Is Us with a reassuring comment: “We in it for the long haul.”

Well, that kind of takes the edge off. We’ll continue clinging to hope that these two ride out all the storms This Is Us sends their way and wind up together in the end — but who’s to say what’s “the end” when it comes to our favorite time-hopping family drama?

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