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Drew & Jonathan Scott’s New Show, Property Brothers: Forever Home Is Coming to HGTV

Rejoice, Property Brothers fans! On Tuesday, we learned that Drew and Jonathan Scott have a new series, Property Brothers: Forever Home, coming to HGTV and we have all the details on what to expect. With this new series, the Scott brothers are on a mission to help families turn their everyday, ordinary houses into their lifelong dream homes. OK, guys, you have our attention.

While the premise of the show is decidedly different from other spinoffs the Scott brothers have done, it will feature familiar aspects of their original series. In Forever Home, Drew and Jonathan will take the homeowners on a tour of other homes. Only this time, they won’t be touring houses with the potential to flip. Instead, they’ll be touring renovated homes to get ideas about what the family loves and nail down their list of must-haves. In a press release about the new series, the Scott brothers explained their motivations for creating Forever Home and structuring it in this way.

“When a family buys a house, they know when it’s the right one — the fixer-upper where they can spend all their time and grow old together,” Drew noted in the press release. “But, before they know it, years go by and the house hasn’t changed.”

To this, Jonathan elaborated, saying, “Renovations cost more than they imagine, so their ‘diamond in the rough’ stays rough for years. That’s why we’re here — to help families unlock the dreams in their uninspiring houses.”

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Information about Forever Home also notes that after the Scott brothers help homeowners figure out what must-have items they want their forever home to have, Jonathan will work his magic with 3-D renderings, showing the family what their proposed renovation might look like (within their budget, to boot). Per the Property Brothers’ norm, the homeowners will get two options that show two distinct ways their house can be renovated. As any longtime fan of Property Brothers knows, this part is pretty nail-biting to watch. You can usually tell which option Jonathan or Drew prefer, but they always honor what the homeowners want. It will be interesting to see how the options they present to the homeowners will differ when they are renovating a home to be “forever.”

Not surprisingly, the powerhouse twins don’t lack in confidence coming into this new venture. “We will turn these families’ dreams into a reality,” said Drew in the press release, with Jonathan adding, “And give them a place they’ll never want to leave.”

Property Brothers: Forever Home will premiere on Wednesday, May 29 at 9/8c on HGTV.

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