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The Bachelor‘s Chris Harrison Opens Up About Season 23 Twists

Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor has been a wild ride thus far, but it’s not over yet. There’s still plenty of drama to come before the season finale, which Underwood told Entertainment Tonight will be “unlike anything else” in an interview published earlier this month. On Monday, ET published two interviews with Bachelor host Chris Harrison, wherein he opened up about some of the twists in Underwood’s season, as well as gave hints for what’s still to come.

“I mean, it happens a lot. It happens more than you think,” Harrison said, regarding Underwood deciding to quit the show by literally jumping over a fence. “There’s varying degrees of it, there’s varying degrees of getting fed up in how you express your anger, in how you express your emotions. He happens to be the most athletic SOB we’ve ever had, so he was able to express it like an Olympian, but they all get there.”

In this specific instance, Harrison said, “It was like a gazelle being chased by a cheetah, and in this case, I would have been the cheetah chasing Colton, and he leapt that fence and was gone.” Rather than try to follow, Harrison said he “calmly pushed the button and opened the fence.” He explained, “Colton, he was done. He was done with this moment and ready to get away, and he took this fence.”

Fans are still waiting to see what led Underwood to quit, but Harrison told ET there are at least a few episodes to go before they find out. “The end of this season, there’s a lot going on,” he said. “Fans watched the philanthropist freak out at the end of Monday’s episode after a third woman told him that a contestant still remaining in the competition wasn’t ready for marriage. Instead of asking her who she was talking about, he stormed off.”

Harrison admitted that he thought it was strange Underwood didn’t ask for names. “How did Colton not stop her and go, ‘Can you just whisper it in my ear? Can I get names?’ It’s funny to me that he never said, ‘Hey, Sydney or Demi or whoever, who are you talking about? Like, help a brother out. You’re leaving, so it doesn’t matter. Burn Rome down, let me know what’s going on,'” he said.

“He never asked for that, which is very odd to me,” Harrison continued. “That would be the first question I would ask. Or is it sour grapes at the girls, they’re just bitter that they’re leaving?”

The Bachelor host also addressed questions about the noticeably empty ring box in Underwood’s hand during promotional trailers for the season finale, though he didn’t give away much. Harrison joked, “What does that mean? Does it mean that Neil Lane didn’t give us [an engagement ring] this season? Could be. Could it be that Chris Harrison stole it? I have a whole chest of rings. People wonder where the old rings go. At night, I just put them all on.”

We definitely have questions about what’s to come, but Harrison and Underwood are mostly staying mum. Speaking to ET earlier this month, Underwood said the finale is “going to be unexpected to a lot of people. So we’ll see what I’m shouting at the end off the rooftops, but I hope at the end of it, you can know that I’m happy. So we’ll see.”

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