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Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Fought About Pizza Rolls, & She Tweeted The Whole Thing

Sometimes, even the smallest disagreements can turn into the biggest fights, especially with significant others. When Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter Sunday night, presumably to troll John Legend, she actually described a full-scale argument with her husband about frozen pizza rolls. She admitted in her first tweet that she promised she wouldn’t tell her followers about the argument, but then she did anyway — and we’re so glad for it, because this saga is amazing.

“I told John I wouldn’t tweet this but I lied here goes,” Teigen tweeted. She explained, “I am having a Totino’s craving. I don’t want a great pizza. I want a pizza from my childhood, with sliced fresh tomatoes on top.” Legend asked her how many boxes she wanted, to which Teigen said she replied, “first of all loser it’s in a bag now.” According to her tweets, the pair ordered some frozen pizza via the Postmate delivery app.

At this point, the discussion went downhill. “For 30 minutes we have been discussing how to ensure crispness,” Teigen wrote. “I say it needs to be on the rack. He says no it has to go on a pan. The pizza is merely en route and I’m so madly excited about it that we are discussing how to handle its arrival.” Then, he questioned where the tomato should go, while Teigen told Legend how this meal was a favorite of hers growing up: “How this pizza shaped my life no big deal.”

After Legend excitedly yelled about the pizza’s arrival, Teigen discovered that he hadn’t ordered pizza, but pizza rolls. According to her tweets, Legend didn’t know prior to Sunday night that Totino’s makes frozen pizzas, not just pizza rolls. To Teigen, there was a more important issue at hand: “But more importantly he thinks I am so stupid I would think tiny pizza rolls go directly onto the rack and that I would want tiny slices of fresh tomato on a god damn singular pizza roll.”

She continued, “I am blown away he indulged this conversation, thinking I was talking about rolls. It’s like when Michael Scott was like wow Oscar thinks so little of me when he accepted his horrid gift.” She went on to say that the conversation had devolved into an actual fight between them and even posted a video showing her throwing pizza rolls between the metal bars of their oven rack.

In the end, Teigen and Legend seem to have worked things out. About an hour after she started her Twitter thread, she posted a selfie that clearly showed her biting into a frozen pizza with a fresh tomato slice on top, suggesting that the evening had a happy ending after all. Although the thread was comedic, we can certainly relate to arguments that get blown out of proportion.

Teigen and Legend troll each other frequently on social media, but at the end of the day, their love appears to win out over whatever disagreements they may have. That’s one of the many reasons that we love them so much.

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