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Welp, This Is Us Won’t Be Doing a Miguel Backstory Episode After All

Ever since fans of This Is Us met the character of Miguel Rivas — and learned that Rebecca’s new husband happens to be her late husband’s former BFF — there have been questions. And that’s OK, because that’s what backstory episodes are for, right? Welp, fans, it looks like we’re all going to have to wait a bit longer to get the full picture of Miguel’s past. Chatting with TVLine this week, This Is Us co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker revealed there won’t be one Miguel-centric episode.

Before you revolt, consider this: We’ll still be learning all about Miguel and who he was B.J. (before Jack) and A.J. (after Jack). However, they’ve decided to deliver that history piecemeal. “His is one that we’re going to spread [out]. It’s not going to be all condensed into one episode,” said Aptaker, adding, “We’re peeling back the layers of Miguel and his relationship with his family over the next few years, in bits and pieces.”

As an example of how this might look, Aptaker pointed out the storyline introduced in the Thanksgiving episode that involved Miguel and his adult children. What we now know, thanks to that episode, is just how tense his relationship with his kids is following his divorce from his first wife, Shelly. We just don’t know the details of how that all went down. “We’ll continue to do that and see how those relationships have evolved over the years,” Aptaker explained. “But right now, the plan is to keep it ongoing, instead of doing one all-in episode.”

Of course, if you’re the kind of fan who follows any and all news that breaks about This Is Us (and, really, what This Is Us fan isn’t?), then you may be wondering what has changed. At Comic-Con in July 2018, Jon Huertas, who plays Miguel, teased an episode central to his character. “I know they’re going to do that,” he said at the time, noting that he understands why the writers haven’t explored Miguel more yet. “You can’t push Miguel down people’s throats right now, because Jack and Rebecca, it’s everyone’s dream to be in a relationship like that where both people are so dedicated to each other, no matter what.”

In that sense, Huertas basically endorsed the sort of slow-burn style of unveiling of Miguel that Aptaker says they’ve decided to pursue. “You have to go really slow and really watch your step,” said Huertas. “I feel like you’re walking through a minefield.”

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