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Meghan Markle Has a New Movie Coming Out Soon, but There’s a Big Catch

Following her royal wedding in May 2018, we’d all gotten used to the fact that we’d probably never see Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, returning to acting or being seen in film or on television as an actor. But as it turns out, Markle starred in a 2010 film that will be released in North America soon. Here’s what we know about Markle’s kinda-sorta return to the big screen.

According to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down has been picked up for distribution in North America by the company Artist Rights Distribution. The film reportedly follows a group of twentysomething men and women as they party, date and hook up in Los Angeles. Because the film was made in 2010, it features Markle in a role that she nabbed before she ever appeared on Suits as Rachel Zane. We’re definitely all in to see what she was like in the earliest days of her acting career!

It’s unclear from THR’s report how the film will be distributed, which means this film could be released in theaters or it could make its way to a streaming platform like Netflix or Prime Video. It’s also unclear why it took nine years for this film to get picked up for distribution in any kind of meaningful way, which makes us all the more curious to see what the real deal is with it.

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But, as you might have guessed, this doesn’t mean that Markle is going to be acting again. Sure, we may be able to see her in what will be a new movie (to us, at least), but this will probably not spur Markle to try to get back into the acting game. We already know that she will not be returning in any capacity for the upcoming final season of Suits. Plus, she’s going to be giving birth to her first child with husband Prince Harry in the spring, and that means she’ll have no time to hold down a regular schedule as a royal, much less do anything close to acting.

For now, we’ll have to keep our eye on this old-but-actually-new film of Markle’s and see where it will be released, because any chance to watch one of our favorite royals is all good with us.

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