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Jada Pinkett Smith Wants You to Practice Loving Yourself This Valentine’s Day

If there’s one celebrity you should listen to this Valentine’s Day, it should probably be Jada Pinkett Smith. On the most loving day of the calendar year, Pinkett Smith posted an Instagram focused on self-love and embracing your power, prioritizing yourself and moving through fear to get to the joy on the other side. It was a post filled with love that will leave you feeling all warm inside once you read her full message.

Pinkett Smith’s Instagram post is a love-filled one-two punch complete with a video that carries a special message as well as a lengthy caption that expands on the video message. But first, the video. In it, all we see is a heart animated to look like it’s beating. As the animation begins, we hear Pinkett Smith’s voice tell us, “The definition of love is elusive. Love wears many faces. The process of loving is not always kind and gentle, but the results are always beautiful,” before she wishes us well on Valentine’s Day, saying, “Happy love day, everyone.”

Pinkett Smith goes even deeper on that message in the caption. There, she touches on the importance of reaching a place where you can love yourself and how powerful it can ultimately be.

“The journey to self-love can be a brutal process. Especially in those moments when we must deny ourselves that which is familiar… but harmful,” she wrote, continuing, “like releasing victimhood and embracing personal power. Without personal power/self love, there is no foundation to build love for someone else because it’s the power needed to dissolve the ego which is our greatest obstacle to truly loving anyone. Without self love, all one has is their ego which gives a false sense of personal power through its brutal and unkind nature. The ego will never fail to strangle the love out of one’s heart if we allow it to take center stage in our relationships.”

She ended her message with an empowering and enlightening final line: “Transferring our trust to our hearts from our egos is a painful process in learning HOW to love.  BUT… through it all… when we finally get to the place where we can give and receive love in its most pure state… ego-free… it is only ever… beauty.” Pinkett Smith also added in a blue heart as the end to really send the love home.

Pinkett Smith is no stranger to bringing messages of love, empowerment and enlightenment to the rest of the world, but today, it feels extra necessary. If there were ever someone we could trust to come through with some truly beautiful wisdom about love, then it’s definitely Pinkett Smith, and we love her all the more for that.

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