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Here’s Why Christina El Moussa & Ant Anstead Had a Surprise Wedding

We thought the talk about their wedding was over, but no. It looks like Christina El Moussa is revealing why she and Ant Anstead had a surprise wedding in December 2018. You won’t hear us complaining over this news, because we love this couple and we love hearing about their dreamy wedding.

Speaking with E! News, El Moussa revealed that she and Anstead kept the wedding news a secret from their kids until days before it was happening.

“We didn’t tell them until two days before. It was a big secret! A three-year-old can’t keep a secret,” she joked to E!, likely referring to her youngest, Brayden, as a possible secret-spiller.

She continued, “We wanted to keep it private, without a lot of stories and past drama and bring up all sorts of stuff. We wanted a quiet engagement. We wanted a quiet wedding that was just us and our friends and family.”

El Moussa’s reasoning totally makes sense, especially given the fact that this is both her and Anstead’s second marriage. We can see wanting to keep things private until things felt right, even going to far as to surprise the kids.

That said, we’ll admit we’re happy El Moussa is opening up about it now and is ready to give as much insight as possible into her wedding. Word on the street is that those who tune into her upcoming HGTV show Christina on the Coast will get a glimpse at her wedding and her personal life nowadays.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, El Moussa revealed that on the show, “you’re getting really high design, but you’re also getting a glimpse of my personal life, for example, the engagement, the nutrition book I’m writing,” and went on to confirm Anstead will show up from time to time: “Yeah, he’s in it — the engagement, the wedding, the whole thing.”

If that’s the case, consider us already tuned in to watching the show, because we want to see more of this couple in their new life together.

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