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Jennifer Lopez Reveals Why Valentine’s Day Is Extra Special for Her Now

It wasn’t any huge surprise when talk turned to love during Jennifer Lopez’s visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night. After all, it was the eve of Valentine’s Day — and J.Lo just so happens to be in pop culture’s hottest relationship with Alex Rodriguez. What many fans didn’t know is that J.Lo and A-Rod celebrate this heart-shaped holiday for more than its typical romantic roots.

Lopez revealed the pair actually began dating just shy of Valentine’s Day in 2017, so for them, Valentine’s Day doubles as an ideal date to celebrate their anniversary!

Recounting that first year together, Lopez explained she was in Las Vegas for her residency show when she received her first major romantic gesture from Rodriguez. It was mere weeks after they first met.

“I got to Vegas, and I flew in, and I was tired, and there were all these flowers and chocolates and a cake and everything,” she said, adding, “I was like, ‘Who sent me all that?’ You know, I didn’t know who it was because it was kind of new. But it was really nice, ‘cause it made me feel like, ‘Oh, he like me.’”

Naturally, this made everyone wonder what kind of gifts Lopez and Rodriguez give each other on this double-meaning day. This prompted Lopez to joke that she “got some work to do” given the last-minute nature of the interview and the fact she hadn’t gotten A-Rod’s gift yet.

At least not that she would share on national television. She did, however, note that they were “generous gift-givers” in their relationship.

How generous? For starters, Lopez spilled the beans on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday that Rodriguez surprised her with a FaceTime session with Fixer Upper host Joanna Gaines, of whom Lopez is a huge fan.

Then, when Kimmel questioned how many roses was an acceptable number for Lopez to get, she insisted she would appreciate the gesture no matter what. But he wasn’t buying it.

“Like, if he got you a dozen roses, that would be the end, right? It’d be like, ‘Twelve roses?! Do you know who you’re dealing with? Get the hell out of here!’” Kimmel said as Lopez laughed.

When asked directly if she’d really be happy with just one dozen roses, Lopez coyly responded, “Yeah, if that’s what he wants to give me.”

Fortunately for Lopez, Kimmel had her back. Since she wasn’t prepared for Valentine’s Day and/or the couple’s dating anniversary with a gift, he took it upon himself to pick one up for her. Or, rather, for Rodriguez.

Before handing the hilariously obvious gift over, though (a baseball, ha!), Kimmel playfully confessed that he was secretly in love with A-Rod, at which point Lopez delivered the sweetest comment of the night — and one we can only imagine made a pretty great gift for Rodriguez.

“You’re not the only one!” she gushed of being head over heels for Rodriguez. “You’re not alone.”

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