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The First Official Photos of Andy Cohen’s Newborn Son, Benjamin, Are So Precious

The first official photos of Andy Cohen’s newborn son, Benjamin Allen Cohen, are here, and they’re too cute for words. Seriously, the sheer preciousness cannot adequately be described within the constraints of the English language. “Benny” is the kind of cute you have to see to believe!

Cohen and baby Benjamin were photographed for this week’s cover of People magazine, with Cohen opening up about what it was like meeting his sweet son for the first time on Feb. 4 — the day the little boy was born via surrogate.

“I was in the delivery room. I have been hoping that he would have a full head of hair, and he really overdelivered,” joked Cohen. “That was the first thing you see, the head of hair coming out. And I was amazed.”

Although Cohen understandably couldn’t contain his joy in that moment, he says that a prevailing theme in his new life as a dad may very well be calmness. And it started within hours of Benjamin being born.

“He was so alert for the first two hours. His eyes were wide open. He didn’t cry; he was just calm,” Cohen recounted to People. “I kind of have no words for it.”

In becoming a father at 50, Cohen hopes that sort of easy peacefulness prevails, admitting he has “a sense of calm that I didn’t have 10 [or] 20 years ago.”

At the very least, Cohen feels confident he’ll know when to pick his battles. “I think I will be [a] strict [dad], but I have a sense of what to get hysterical about and what to let slide. I don’t want to be a helicopter dad. I don’t want to stress him out. I don’t want to stress myself out,” Cohen said.

“I worked with an incredible surrogate,” he also revealed to People. “She was in California. Surrogacy is illegal in so many states, including New York. I don’t understand why. It’s a voluntary process, obviously. My surrogate just viewed it as, she was giving me the ultimate gift. She gave me life. So I’ll be forever indebted to her.”

On Monday, Bravo gave an update on the over-the-moon new dad, revealing that he was taking some time off of work to be with his little bundle of love. And Cohen is already calling the paternity leave with Benjamin “heaven.”

Read the full People feature (and see more photos of baby Benjamin) when the magazine hits newsstands this Friday.

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