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Tia Booth Weighs In on When She Thinks Colton Underwood Will Lose His Virginity

It looks like Colton Underwood’s ex, Bachelor Nation star Tia Booth, is likely on good terms with him because she’s publicly cracking jokes (albeit, lighthearted ones!) at his expense. At the premiere of the romantic comedy Isn’t It Romantic? Booth commented about when Underwood will lose his virginity, and also opened up about how she stays friendly with her ex.

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Booth gave a cheeky response when asked if she thinks Underwood will finally lose his V-card on The Bachelor. “No, I don’t think he does [lose his virginity on the show],” she told ET, going on to joke, “because I think he’s gonna wait for fucking ever!”

Booth continued later in the interview, speculating on who he would end up with, saying, “I think [his final pick is] gonna be blonde, early twenties,” likely making a joke about the fact that many Bachelor contestants tend to be early 20s with blonde hair. She went on to say, “I do [think he’ll end up with someone]. I don’t think he’d do this whole thing if he wasn’t serious about it.”

It became clear during Booth’s chat with ET that she and Underwood are in a noticeably better place than when they first broke up. The former couple was the source of lots of drama on Bachelor in Paradise last summer, with the couple notably at odds over whether they’d actually get back together before they eventually fizzled. Now, it seems like Booth is on good terms with Underwood and they regularly stay in touch.

“He actually called me after filming, [and said], ‘I wanted to be honest and genuine throughout. I quit at one point, tried to quit, came back.’ He felt like it was wrong, it would be a disservice to the girls. So, that’s why I think he’s serious about this and he really did it to find a wife,” Booth explained, possibly referring to the recently teased fence-jumping moment on the Feb. 18 episode of The Bachelor.

If anything, it sounds like Booth is supportive of Underwood and speaks from the unique position of knowing what Underwood is like in a relationship and knows what he wants. If there’s any insider we should trust on what to expect when it comes to Underwood — especially in the final weeks of his Bachelor season.

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