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Kelly Ripa’s Clapback Game Stays Strong on Her Latest Hubby Appreciation Instagram

Kelly Ripa won’t let anyone rain on social media parade. That’s one lesson we learned when Ripa clapped back over an Instagram comment about Mark Consuelos, her husband of more than 20 years. When Ripa posted a photo of her hubby with a very on-brand affectionate caption and one commenter didn’t agree with her choice of words, her followers quickly got a taste at one of her signature witty retorts.

On Monday, Ripa posted a photo of Consuelos standing on the beach on her Instagram. The photo seems to have been taken when the couple was on their recent vacation in Mexico. Ripa’s post of romantic devotion for her man is also nothing new (but that doesn’t mean we, the fans, don’t love to look!), nor is the caption she posted, “#mcm followed by tired of winter Tuesday. Enjoy the heat,” followed by the spicy hashtag “#daddy.”

The hashtag — which, again, is totally something Ripa has done before and regular followers of Ripa would probably know that — seemed to have rubbed someone the wrong way. As preserved forevermore on the Instagram account Comments By Celebs, the commenter hopped into Ripa’s comments, writing, “Calling him daddy is creepy.”

Ripa, who is as seasoned at social media commenting as she is at showing love for her man on Instagram, fired right back with, “Then don’t call him daddy.” Message received, Ripa. You heard the TV host.

Ripa and Consuelos are no strangers to keeping things spicy on Instagram. They’re also fans of showing public displays of affection in real life, too. So much, in fact, that their kids are sick of it.

“So my daughter and my older son, if there’s PDA, they are disgusted. And by PDA I don’t mean … We’re not making out, but if there’s PDA, like, if Mark gives me a kiss, they’re like, ‘Ugh, ugh!’” Ripa told Us Weekly in a November interview. “I mean, really, that’s the reaction. They’re disgusted!”

No matter what, it doesn’t seem like Ripa and Consuelos are going to stop showering each other with love for all the world to see anytime soon. And, one thing’s for sure: it looks like Ripa will call her husband anything she pleases, thank you very much.

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