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Meghan Trainor & Daryl Sabara Are Too Cute While Talking About Married Life

These newlyweds seem to be thriving in this new chapter of their lives together. On the red carpet at Sunday’s Grammys, Meghan Trainor and her husband, Daryl Sabara, gushed to Ryan Seacrest about each other and their post-wedding life. In case their social media posts about each other aren’t enough evidence of this couple’s adoring love for each other, the way they both glowed on the red carpet was too sweet for words.

Trainor admitted that she does think there’s a difference between being engaged and being married. “I’m just extra obsessed with him and he’s extra romantic about everything,” Trainor said, looking at Sabara. Then she joked, “It’s gross!”

Sabara teased, “It’s way more relaxing now because it’s locked in.”

The pair also talked about their unconventional after-wedding plans. Sabara explained that they did go on a weeklong honeymoon after they tied the knot in December, just one day before Trainor’s 25th birthday, but then they also went to Bora Bora for a “familymoon.”

“That was the best part,” Trainor said. She said she loves being with Sabara alone, “but the familymoon was, like, all of the best memories of my entire life.” She also told Seacrest that they did in fact stay in a house with a glass floor over the ocean.

Regarding her new EP that dropped on Friday, Trainor talked about the experience of working with her dad on the album and admitted that he’s usually her date to the Grammys, but this year, she obviously opted to take her new hubby instead. There’s no bad blood, though. Sabara also gushed about Trainor’s dad, saying, “He’s the best. Father of the century.”

Although Trainor wasn’t up for any awards at this year’s Grammys, she took home the trophy for best new artist in 2016. In addition to a new EP, The Love Train, her new full-length album Treat Myself is due out later this year.

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