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Busy Philipps & Michelle Williams Dishing Celeb Gossip From a Sauna Is Our New Fave

The “Actual Hot Goss” segment of Busy Tonight is definitely one of our faves, especially when it involves one of the host’s longtime friends. On Thursday, Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams hung out in a sauna and dished about some of their most cherished Hollywood memories, from the mundane to the truly scandalous.

“Do you remember when we were backstage at the Golden Globes and we were talking to Jonah [Hill] and his mom?” Philipps asked. Williams admitted she didn’t recall because she was more focused on the presence of Leonardo DiCaprio. Philipps replied, “Talking to Leo DiCaprio was like, giving me all of my preteen feelings. Remember, we thought maybe they would invite us to go hang out, and then we remembered that we’re women in our mid-30s?”

“Moms,” Williams said, though she agreed with Philipps that they were “so nice.”

Philipps continued, “I remember specifically Leonardo DiCaprio laughing at something I said and then looking at me and it was like the first time maybe ever in his life that he’d looked at a 38-year-old woman, you know what I mean?” she quipped, referencing DiCaprio’s reputation for dating younger women. “I did feel like, in that moment, I felt like he looked at me and he was like, ‘Oh, she’s not — that’s not bad.'”

Philipps also recalled a time that she and Williams went to a “Hollywood hot spot” where a director Williams had met with about working together, but ultimately decided not to pursue a working relationship with, just so happened to be. She said she and Williams were “a little toasty,” but still the director came up and tried to connect.

“Which is hard to do when you’re in a place [with loud club music],” Williams said. Philipps agreed, revealing that when Williams attempted to introduce the director to her, he said, “Oh, yeah, we’ve met a million times but it was before I was famous so she doesn’t remember.” Ouch.

Another time, Williams apparently tried to make conversation with Matthew McConaughey, who told her, “Life’s good, work’s good, heart’s good…”

Philipps added that he said, “‘I got a beautiful lady on my arm. My biggest problem is the paparazzi. I say, I got it made in the shade.’ We were like — that is a fantastic thing to say.” But apparently, when he said goodbye to the pair, he couldn’t quite recall Philipps’ name and called her “Whimsy.” She reflected, “He got to me and he was like, ‘It’s something weird. It’s something weird, what is this name? Whimsy!’ It came to him!”

To finish their “hot goss” session, Williams actually brought up a story that she couldn’t rightly tell on TV. She whispered it in Philipps’ ear, while a loud beeping sound played over her words for extra secrecy. We always love seeing these two together, and this segment was no different — in fact, Williams’ entire appearance on Busy Tonight is a gem worth watching.

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