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Big Bang Theory Showrunner Teases Series Finale: Prepare for an Emotional Ride

With just 10 episodes left of this iconic series, the cast and crew are celebrating in a big way, but they’re also preparing for an emotional goodbye. On Thursday, The Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Holland spoke to Entertainment Tonight about what to expect from the final episodes, as well as what it means to have the show permanently honored on the Warner Bros. studio lot in Burbank.

According to ET, The Big Bang Theory has shot all 12 seasons on Stage 25 at Warner Bros. studio, which on Thursday was renamed and dedicated to the show. Moments after the special plaque was revealed and the cast and crew took a selfie with it, Holland reflected on the milestone.

“It feels a little bit surreal,” he told ET. “We knew it was coming, but when they revealed the plaque and saw it for real — it just feels amazing. I mean, Casablanca was shot on this lot, and now we’re now part of Warner Bros. history. It’s just incredible.”

Holland also revealed that he and the show’s writers now know the details of the series finale, which is exciting, if sad, news. “We write everything in order, and we’re writing episode 19 right now and [the finale] is episode 24,” he told ET. “We’re shooting 17, writing 19, so it’ll still be a few more weeks away before we get to that.”

In September, when it was announced that The Big Bang Theory season 12 would be its final season, Holland told ET that the writers knew “the shape” of the series finale but didn’t have the details nailed down. Now they do.

“We’ve known what the big pieces are for a while, but now we know what the smaller pieces are, as well, and what we’re driving towards,” he explained. “We have it worked out and we’re excited and nervous and, like everybody who’s watching, we love these characters so much and we want to give them a sendoff that they deserve.”

Holland warned that giving the characters a proper goodbye doesn’t mean that the finale will be relentlessly upbeat: “I hope [the audience is] prepared to laugh, I hope they’re prepared to be sad and to be nostalgic and to have to, at some point, say goodbye. We don’t want to just have a fan-service finale that’s only upbeat, but we love these characters and we all wish them the best and want the best for them.”

So, what about those reboot and spinoff rumors? “That’s above my pay grade,” Holland said. “Part of me thinks that this show is such a special thing that you maybe want to leave it as a whole piece, but if someone came up with a great take on it and people were interested to do it, who knows?”

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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