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Giacomo Gianniotti Teases Meredith & DeLuca’s Grey’s Anatomy Future

Calling all Grey’s Anatomy fans! It sounds like the love triangle among Meredith, Link and DeLuca is about to get off-the-charts intense. Speaking to two different outlets this week, Giacomo Gianniotti hinted at DeLuca and Meredith heating up and gave us a tease for what’s to come for all three characters as we head into the back half of Grey’s Anatomy season 15.

Speaking to TV Guide at the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Tuesday, Gianniotti said, “I think DeLuca likes to think he has it in the bag already and I’ll just stick with that answer… He’s Italian and he’s romantic. Who doesn’t love a romantic man?” He also reflected on the power of the now-infamous elevator scene, wherein Meredith and DeLuca waited out a power outage together in a stuck elevator and their conversation turned intimate.

“That [scene] was some really good time to spend and I think [DeLuca] made a great stride ahead of Link in that elevator,” he said. “He was vulnerable and able to open up about his childhood, the mental illness of his father. I think whether you’re a man or a woman or anywhere in between, to be with someone who is okay being vulnerable and talks about their emotions is attractive. I hope that she saw that as well.”

Although he couldn’t provide any specifics about what’s to come, he promised TV Guide, “Things are definitely going to heat up.”

In another interview with Entertainment Tonight at the Disney-ABC party at the TCA press tour, Gianniotti admitted he’s having fun with this plot: “It’s been a lot of fun to see how they’ve been playing up the love triangle, the comedy with it, and how much fun Meredith is having,” he said. “I think DeLuca is having a great time balancing everything and having a healthy competition between him and Link, which is fun to watch and fun to play. In the next couple of episodes, we’re going to see a lot more from both sides. Both Link and DeLuca share more common ground and continue this love triangle.”

Although they share common ground, Gianniotti pointed out that the two characters “bring very different choices” because of who they are. “If Link was more DeLuca’s age and was also a resident, then I feel like there would be a real sense of competition,” Gianniotti said. “Because he’s so different from DeLuca, I feel like it’s not really a competition. He’s sort of in another league, as DeLuca is to him.” He added, “I think DeLuca is confident with what he has to offer,” again pointing to the elevator scene as a sign of progress in the DeLuca-Meredith relationship. “I hear that that’s an attractive quality to women — men who talk about their feelings and aren’t this iron-clad gate who don’t talk about their emotions. That’s something positive about him and we’ll see where it goes.”

Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy is slated to follow Meredith and DeLuca as they finally go on their first real date on New Year’s Eve. But again, Gianniotti isn’t revealing any details. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s see how things play out and then we can get to that after,” he told ET. We’re on the edge of our seats.

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