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Jennifer Garner Celebrated 5 Million Instagram Followers With the Weirdest Video Possible

How would you celebrate a major milestone on social media? Some people go for selfies or throwback posts that bring up all the feels. Others go for a totally different vibe, even if it’s honestly really bizarre. Jennifer Garner celebrated 5 million Instagram followers on Wednesday with a super-strange video that’s so random it’s hilarious, which seems to be her specialty.

“All five million of you —when this nonsense comes your way—you have only yourselves to blame,” Garner captioned her video, which shows her in a shower stall cleaning a green penguin statue that’s nearly as tall as she is. It even has a rubber ducky, because what’s a shower without one?

Of course, as strange as this video is, there appears to be at least some context. Garner tagged 21c Museum Hotels, “a multi-venue contemporary art museum, coupled with a boutique hotel and chef-driven restaurant” that has locations in Louisville, Cincinnati, Bentonville, Lexington, Oklahoma City, Nashville and Kansas City. She also used the hashtags #travelingwithoutkids and #soniceofyoutofollowme, suggesting that she stayed at a 21c Museum Hotels property and decided to dive right into the experience.

The penguin also has context: 21c Museum Hotels feature penguins in their marketing materials, including map markers for their current and future locations. There are also penguin statues standing next to things like Shakespearean quotes in several of the company’s Instagram posts.

Garner often shares kooky content on Instagram, from face-replacement videos to hilarious commentary on unflattering paparazzi photos. We can honestly say we never expected her to shower a penguin statue, but hey — maybe she never expected to attract a whopping 5 million followers on Instagram. We love her particular brand of humor, which is on full display here.

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