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Mandy Moore Shares Details About the GIF-Filled This Is Us Cast Group Text

Having incredible coworkers can make or break a job, so it’s no wonder the cast of This Is Us all seem so happy all the time — not only are they killing it in the ratings department, but they enjoy tight-knit relationships on- and off-set. Exhibit A? Mandy Moore, who plays matriarch Rebecca Pearson, just confirmed to People that the This Is Us cast has an active group text thread going.

Even better? It’s for “adults only.”

Chatting with People about the show’s recent award show appearances (and wins!), Moore touched on how the cast relationships have changed now that they have a few seasons under their belt.

“There’s no substitute for time. We’re all super-close. We’ve all been through these, like, milestone moments together now. We’ve celebrated going to these award shows and people loving the show and we were at the Super Bowl last year. All these crazy things this journey that we’ve been on together — you just feel closer,” she explained.

When asked whether the cast relishes their time apart when not filming, Moore revealed they actually can’t get enough of each other — so much so, they’ve created a way to stay in constant contact.

“We’re on a group text,” she said, “And we’re constantly, like, all sending GIFs.”

This thread isn’t open to all members of the cast, though. Moore told People it is “adult only.” Which, let’s be real, makes it that much more fun and intriguing to the rest of us — especially in light of the fact that Moore revealed Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby, is “by far the funniest” and that Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall, is “always a really quick response.”

On Tuesday, E! News dedicated a piece to the impressive bond between the stars of This Is Us, chronicling their near-encyclopedic knowledge of each other.

Moore’s onscreen husband, Milo Ventimiglia, doesn’t hesitate to point out “the man loves tea” when asked about Brown’s drink of choice. Chrissy Metz is so familiar with the exact emoji Moore overuses that she can easily call up her favorite: the big red heart. And Justin Hartley waxes poetic about Ventimiglia’s, ahem, language skills, saying, “He works in profanity like artists working in clays or oils. It’s like pure exuberance of f***.”

Perhaps this bond can best be summed up, though, by a comment Moore made to The Hollywood Reporter in 2017. “We kinda know each other,” she admitted, adding, “You know what the important thing is? We love each other.”

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