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Pink Celebrates Her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star by Praising Her Sweet Family

On Tuesday, Feb. 5, Pink received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was a big moment for the musician, who celebrated the occasion with her adorable family by her side. Pink’s husband, Carey Hart, and their two children, Willow Sage and Jameson Moon, were of course in attendance. Her three loves made the ceremony all that more special for the artist, as Pink proudly declared during her speech.

“My whole family is here, and that makes it real,” the singer said. “My friends and my fans, thank you for all of it. You guys make it matter. It’s so good to see you, thank you for coming.”

She didn’t stop there, but continued praising her family, specifically her partner in life and their two beautiful kids.

“And my husband, he’s so cute,” she sweetly stated. “He’s my muse and if he didn’t piss me off all the time I’d have not much to say. Thank you. I literally would not be standing here if it weren’t for you, so never change. And my children, Willow Sage and Jameson Moon, you guys are my stars and I would never shine without you. Ever, ever, ever.”

How adorable is that? There’s no denying Pink loves being married to Hart and calling herself mom to Willow and Jameson. Based on her previous comment and the photos shared from the event, both are just further proof that Pink’s family means the world to her. As Hart shared on Instagram about his wife’s honor, “Such a cool experience watching wifey get her star on Hollywood walk. Proud of you baby.”

The moment was an unreal one for Pink, as she said, “This is surreal… I feel like I’m dreaming and if anyone pinches me I’m going to punch them in the left eyebrow.” She continued, “I feel a lot of people probably only ever thought I’d make it to the walk of shame, but here I am. Two little letters make such a big difference.”

The “What About Us” artist went onto quote an important lesson her father once taught her, “To thine own self be true.” She credits those words to her success, working hard and always believing in herself.

“There’s a power in believing in yourself, there’s a power in not giving up on life and on not giving up on yourself,” she said. “And there’s a power in making a decision that while you may not be the best that ever did it, you may not be the prettiest or the tallest or the funniest or the most talented, or whatever it is you tell yourself that you’re not, if you’re stubborn, and you don’t give up and you work really hard, no one else can ever be you.”

Pink certainly didn’t give up on herself or her passion for music. She worked so hard and now has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Plus, she’s lucky enough to celebrate the momentous occasion with the most important people in her life — her family.

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