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Mandy Moore & Her Husband Taylor Goldsmith’s Love Story Is So Sweet

We swooned when Mandy Moore finally shared photos from her intimate at-home wedding to second husband Taylor Goldsmith, but we might now be swooning even harder, because Moore has shared how she met Goldsmith in a new Today interview, and the beauty of it all is in the details. Although Moore and Goldsmith have been mostly tight-lipped about the details of their relationship, this candid story from Moore gives us insight into just how special her connection with Goldsmith really is.

Speaking with Today cohosts Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie on Monday morning, Moore opened up about how she and Goldsmith connected a few years ago over Instagram. “So, he’s in a band, and I heard them on the radio. I went on iTunes and found they had a new record coming out and I posted a picture on Instagram — this was a few years ago before I knew the rules of, like, tagging people and stuff — and somehow he found this little message that I left and sent a message through his folks to my folks. We sort of started corresponding through email and then we went on a first date.”

As Moore tells it, that first date was really something else.

“It was the most epic, three-hour first date. We just didn’t stop talking and then he left the next day to go on tour for six weeks, so we basically got to know each other and sort of fall in love,” Moore recalled, going on to say, “We just had to rely on that foundation of getting to know each other as friends and learn as much as we could about each other, like, FaceTiming and whatnot.”

Kotb and Guthrie seemed keen to stay laser-focused on Moore and Goldsmith’s relationship, shifting the topic of discussion to the very sweet duet the couple sang at their wedding reception.

“Music is such a huge part of both of our lives,” Moore told Kotb and Guthrie, “and we were so lucky to have all of our friends play with us. The show sort of culminated that evening with us singing a little duet together. It was fun.”

Are you swooning yet? Because we are, and we can’t get enough! We may not know the next time Moore will get this candid or reflective about her marriage with Goldsmith, so we’re just going to bask in the glory that is her sharing the beginning of their love story today; it is perfect.

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