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Yup, Jessica Biel Fell Asleep on Justin Timberlake’s Birthday Date

Working parents everywhere can probably relate to this one. On Wednesday, the night before his actual 38th birthday, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel went out for a night on the town. To kick things off, Timberlake shared an Instagram video of Biel falling fast asleep in the car. Honestly, we can’t blame her for snagging the extra snooze.

In the video, Timberlake quietly sings “Happy Birthday” to himself, then pans the camera over to show Biel sleeping soundly in the seat beside him. He slowly raises his voice until she wakes, but her defense is perfect: “I’m just preparing for our big night out. Just preparing.”

Still, Timberlake couldn’t help but tease his wife, both in the video itself and in his caption. “Gotta work tomorrow for my bday so wifey really going all out tonight…” he wrote.

As reported by People, Timberlake and Biel had to move his birthday celebration to Wednesday because he will spend his actual birthday performing his “Man of the Woods” tour at Madison Square Garden. He resumed the tour earlier this year after postponing several dates last fall due to bruising on his vocal cords that made it impossible for him to sing without doing further damage.

Although Timberlake didn’t share any details about his plans with Biel for his birthday, it’s safe to assume there was plenty more laughter shared between them. In his first book, Hindsight, Timberlake opened up about their relationship, including major milestones like learning Biel was pregnant with their son, Silas, during a different album tour.

Per Timberlake’s book, when he first met Biel, she caught his attention because of their shared sense of humor: “I made some sort of sarcastic comment, really dry. Nobody got it except her. She laughed, and I noticed, all of a sudden, and in the way where you wonder if a person’s like you, if they have a very dry, dark sense of humor, too.” After 12 years together, that still seems to be the case.

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