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Kelly Ripa Teases Her Guest Role on Riverdale With a Saucy Instagram Post

Kelly Ripa is set to make her Riverdale debut on Wednesday night, and she’s already hyping up her fans. Just a day before the newest episode airs, Ripa posted a teaser photo of her Riverdale role on Instagram to give fans a little taste of her character, Mrs. Mulwray. From the looks of the photo, Ripa is going to be ditching the pleasantries we see when she’s on Live and going a bit darker.

“A good mistress always carries protection……..and Mrs. Mulwray is a good mistress. See for yourself tomorrow night on @thecwriverdale 8pm/7 central,” Ripa wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of her as Mrs. Mulwray holding a gun. But who is she pointing that gun at? Why does she look so serious? And on a scale of 1 to completely, how juicy do you think it will be seeing Ripa play the mistress to a character who is played by her actual husband? Guess we’ll just have to tune in to see what happens.

Ripa is actually the second person in her family to score a guest role on Riverdale. Her hubby, Mark Consuelos, is a series regular on the show as slick crime boss Hiram Lodge, and back in the fall of 2018, Ripa and Consuelos’ son, Michael, played a younger version of Hiram in a throwback episode. Talk about a family affair!

On filming with Ripa, Consuelos couldn’t help but gush about the experience to People magazine, saying, “I’m really excited. The Consuelos family one by one is going be on Riverdale. I love it. [Ripa and I] got to spend the weekend up in Vancouver [where Riverdale is filmed] and we had a nice little weekend there.”

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out and, even better, to see how Ripa does in the Riverdale milieu. And who knows? If she makes a lasting impression as Mrs. Mulwray, this might not be the last time we see her on the same show as her husband, which we’re totally into.

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