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These Celebs Are the Some of the Biggest Rams & Patriots Fans Out There

Even if you’re not an avid football watcher and the Super Bowl is just another Sunday for you, you might be curious to know which of your favorite celebs are getting pumped for the big game. But for certain sports-loving famous faces, pumped is an understatement, and Super Bowl LIII is kind of a big deal. Which celebrities are the biggest Rams and Patriots fans? When kickoff commences this weekend both sides will have no shortage of celebs cheering them on. It turns out New England and Los Angeles have some serious star power behind their teams.

Last year’s Super Bowl champions, the Eagles, had support from notable Philly fans like Tina Fey, Bradley Cooper and Will Smith. But the Rams’ and Pats’ fan bases aren’t too shabby either. Let’s take a look at who you can expect to see showing their team major love this weekend, be it on social media or in the stands.

Ty Burrell

The man also known as Modern Family‘s Phil Dunphy’s Rams fandom runs deep.

“My Rams fandom was born in Oregon, of all places. My father’s family was from Chino, and they would send us Rams hats and jerseys when we were kids, and it became our way of connecting to our extended family. I was a Rams fan long before I watched a game. And then, in the seventies, we would communicate to them once a month or so, and it was usually about the team, so our watching was imperative. I wanted to always have information to give [and debate over] to my lovely aunts and uncles in Chino, so we would watch the game and take notes. By the time the ’79 Super Bowl happened, we were in deep. It was a crushing loss, but it solidified our fandom with scar tissue,” he explained to the Los Angeles Times last year.

Terry Crews

He’s not just a fan, he’s a former player! Crews was actually drafted by the Rams in 1991.

Taran Killam

The SNL vet hasn’t exactly been shy about his die-hard Rams status. He even managed to represent the team while rocking a jersey on his ABC sitcom, Single Parents.

Danny Trejo

“Just joy,” Trejo told ESPN in 2016 about his feelings on the Rams’ return to LA. “Just so happy. It was kind of like part of Los Angeles came back. Los Angeles is this huge puzzle, and there was always a piece missing. Our sports team. Our football team. This is a football city, you understand? This is a football city. We’ve got UCLA, we’ve got SC. This is a football city. And then our biggest piece of the puzzle was missing.”

James Corden

While Corden hails from Britain and grew up without an NFL team nearby, it seems safe to say that dressing up as a Rams cheerleader and dancing his bum off automatically makes him a fan for life.

Maria Menounos

Now, on to the Pats… You can find Medford, Massachusetts, native Maria Menounos cheering them on. “In Tom we believe, in Bill we believe,” she’s remarked.

John Krasinski

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Krasinski kidded with in 2016 when asked about why people might not be into Boston sports. “I guess you guys hate winning and legacy and dynasty teams.”

Matt Damon & Ben Affleck

When you think actors from Boston, it’s hard not to immediately go to Damon and Affleck.

Elizabeth Banks

Actor, director and producer extraordinaire Elizabeth Banks is all about the #MassPride.

Chris Evans

“Tom is a special man,” Evans said of Tom Brady while chatting about his unwavering fandom with Jimmy Kimmel.

Mark Wahlberg

Don’t know anything about football? You’re probably aware Wahlberg is a Pats fan even if you’ve never seen a game.

Gisele Bündchen

No caption necessary here. For Bündchen, her love for the Pats is personal. Like, Tom-Brady-is-her-husband personal.

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