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Tarek El Moussa Says His Kids ‘Always Say Good Things’ About Ant Anstead

Life goes on, especially with kids in the mix. After breaking his silence earlier this month, Tarek El Moussa opened up about ex-wife Christina’s new husband, Ant Anstead, in an exclusive new interview with People magazine. El Moussa admitted that while he and Anstead are far from close, he has no hard feelings toward him, especially since El Moussa’s kids seem to like Anstead quite a bit.

When Christina, who’s changing her last name to Anstead, remarried in a secret December ceremony, El Moussa confessed to People that he was surprised but also “at peace.” He explained, “I think finding out [about the wedding] made me realize 100 percent closure. And it made me realize that it’s a good thing for my kids, based on what I know about Ant.”

Although he and Anstead say hi when they see each other at school functions, that’s the extent of their relationship. Most of El Moussa’s knowledge of Christina’s new husband comes from their two kids, Taylor and Brayden.

“Of course I ask my kids about things they do, and what’s going on, and they always say good things about him,” El Moussa told People “So as a father, it’s good to know that there’s hopefully a good man in my kids’ lives besides me.”

For El Moussa, “At the end of the day, no matter how you look at any situation, you have to say ‘I have children. So is it good for the kids? Or is it bad for the kids?’ Whenever something is frustrating me, upsetting me, bothering me, whatever it might be, I always go back to my foundation, which is my children. It’s not about me anymore. It’s about them.”

El Moussa also noted that his daughter is adjusting especially well to the new family dynamic. “She’s smart,” he said. “She knows what’s going on. She knows how the world works. I think for her, maybe it’s a good thing too, to get some security in her life. I think stability is great.”

Despite the circumstances of El Moussa’s and Christina’s divorce, it would seem that they remain dedicated to co-parenting their kids and keeping the peace. They live just two blocks away from each other, and as of now, they still work together on HGTV’s Flip or Flop. Simultaneously, El Moussa has an as-yet-untitled solo series premiering this year, and Christina’s Christina on the Coast is slated for a 2019 premiere as well.

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