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Rachel Brosnahan Would ‘Give Anything’ for a Sterling K. Brown Maisel Cameo, & We’re So Into It

ICYMI, you aren’t the only one obsessed with This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown or The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s, well, marvelous Rachel Brosnahan. And no, we aren’t just talking about our undying love for both of these oh-so-talented entertainers — they had a mutual lovefest on the pre-SAG Awards red carpet Sunday night, and Brosnahan may have even gotten her dream guest star out of the moment.

It all went down just shy of the SAG Awards ceremony, when Brosnahan happened upon Brown and his wife, Ryan Michelle Bathe (who we’re also obsessed with, naturally), in the midst of an interview. Unable to resist, Brosnahan crashed the conversation to gush about how much she would love to have Brown on the Amazon series in which she plays the title role.

“I would give anything to have this one on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, or a part of anything!” Brosnahan said, with Brown interjecting, “I would go crazy.” Apparently he isn’t exaggerating, either. Bathe confirmed to Brosnahan that she would have to “give him a Xanax” to keep him from geeking out on set.

When asked why she wants Brown to guest star so badly, Brosnahan explained, “Because Sterling is incredible and can literally do no wrong,” adding, “I would follow Sterling to the end of the earth and back” — a feeling Brown insisted “goes both ways.”

When ET asked the pair to broker a deal about the potential guest stint, Brown eagerly responded, “I’m in, I’m in.”

He also had extremely complimentary things to say about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which he and Bathe obviously watch together. “The show is just done at such an incredibly high level. It’s so funny, it’s so full of heart, it’s so specific. Like, I love the specificity of the world and I would love to step into that,” Brown explained.

Wait, so is this really happening? ’Cause if so, we might need a Xanax, too.

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If Brown and Brosnahan have a say in the matter, we’re inclined to think his cameo could come to fruition. This isn’t the first time they’ve fangirled out over each other, after all. When the two ran into each other back in September 2018, Brown joked they “had a moment.”

Confirmed Bathe, who was also by his side on the red carpet then, “They had a very long moment where they were sharing all kinds of acting juju.”

And just yesterday, Brosnahan started laying the groundwork for Brown to appear on her show, hinting during an interview with WUSA9, “I love Sterling K. Brown so much. We treat our guest starts well!”

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