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The Bachelor’s Bibiana Julian Calls Out Peter Kraus, & Dean Unglert Isn’t Having It

Uh oh, there’s drama brewing in Bachelor Nation — and it has nothing to do with Colton Underwood’s current cadre of contestants. The latest shakeup in the franchise comes courtesy of alum Bibiana Julian, who just spilled some piping-hot tea about former Bachelorette fan favorite Peter Kraus.

And, well, we’d be remiss not to mention a third cog in the drama wheel. Entering the fray by taking a jab at Julian is Dean Unglert, another former favorite whom fans dubbed a “fuckboy” after he strung along Kristina Schulman.

Julian took to Twitter on Friday in response to an interview with the Chicago Tribune published earlier in the week in which Kraus basically blew off the idea that he was ever interested in her. “That’s funny because that wasn’t even a date,” Kraus claimed of the pair’s attendance at a Miami Heat game in December. “So, I know Bibiana from a charity event we did together and told her I was coming down to Miami. I was like, ‘Hey, I got basketball tickets, you want to go?’ So it’s weird.”

This prompted Julian to tweet her own version of events, saying, “‘Charity event’ — you mean staying at my place for 4 days during the busiest week in Miami and leaving without saying good bye or thank you?”

Yowch. Julian followed up with an explanatory tweet. “To be clear, I’m not bitter just irks me when you go out of your way to be nice to someone and they just take advantage!” she wrote.

Earlier on Friday, Julian posted a tweet that could also have been referring to the situation with Kraus. She lamented, “Why operate on a moral code and respect peoples wishes when they’re going to downright lie.”

In all fairness, Julian tried to nip rumors in the bud when they first started circulating, telling Ashley Iaconetti and Ben Higgins on their Almost Famous podcast that “absolutely nothing” was going on with Kraus.

However, she did go on to explain that the two had a brief fling shortly after her recent stint on Bachelor in Paradise. “Him and I actually connected right after I got back from Paradise, so that’s kind of, like, when it started off,” she elaborated. “We stayed friends and then he was visiting Miami and I was like, ‘Why don’t we go to a Heat game?’”

As if all of that wasn’t confusing enough, Unglert decided to come to Kraus’ defense over the weekend. “Bibs you know I love you but I talked to Pete right after he got home from Florida and know for a fact this is not how it happened,” Unglert replied to Julian.

Talk about your classic he said/she said! Or, uh, he said/she said/he said.

Considering Julian is looking pretty darn cozy with a new beau these days, Kraus and Unglert can probably pump the brakes — she doesn’t appear to be interested in Kraus, aside from setting the record straight.

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