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Matt LeBlanc Stole 2 Souvenirs From the Friends Set, & They’re Both Super-Sweet

Actor Matt LeBlanc appears to have taken a cue from his alter ego Joey Tribbiani following the Friends finale 15 years ago by courting a bit of mischief. During an appearance on The Tonight Show on Friday, Jimmy Fallon pressed LeBlanc for more memories from his time on the iconic series. LeBlanc confessed to copping not one, but two mementos from the set.

Technically, there were three, if you count the “fuck-ton of money” LeBlanc first joked he took as a souvenir (Netflix reportedly recently paid $100 million to keep the show’s streaming rights). Moneybags aside, LeBlanc really did sneak off the set with a few sentimental items in tow.

“You know what I have that was really cool? You know how in Joey and Chandler’s apartment, we had the foosball table? I have the actual ball from the table,” he admitted to Fallon, adding, “I have it in my toolbox somewhere. Why it’s in my toolbox, I don’t know.”

Aw! So LeBlanc feels just as emotionally invested in Joey and Chandler’s bromance as the rest of us do. That’ll warm your dark heart right up, eh? As it turns out, though, LeBlanc’s other souvenir from Friends is even sweeter.

“You know the Magna Doodle that was on the back of the apartment door that always had things written on it? I clipped that at the end,” LeBlanc said, joking, “I couldn’t fit the couch in my car.”

The Joey-Chandler connection isn’t the only reason this particular souvenir will tug on your heartstrings. As LeBlanc went on to explain, he didn’t take the sketch board for himself. He actually snatched it for crew electrician Paul Swain, who happened to be the person responsible for all of the cute drawings on the board that corresponded to (and showed up in) each week’s episode.

“I stole it and gave it to him, so he’s got it. So, that’s kind of cool. I could have sold it for a lot more,” LeBlanc quipped.

Is it just us, or has LeBlanc gotten even funnier in the last 15 years? And sweeter, for that matter. Brb, we’ve just gotta go binge-watch the entire series for the umpteenth time. When we’re done with that, we might just move right along to season three of LeBlanc’s current series on CBS, Man With a Plan.

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