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Has Alyssa Milano Seen the Charmed Reboot? Her Answer Might Surprise You

Alyssa Milano is known for so much more than her impressive television résumé, but that doesn’t mean fans aren’t interested in her thoughts about a certain pop-culture phenomenon that recently received the revival treatment. The activist and actor spoke at #BlogHer Health 2019 in Los Angeles on Friday, and when she wasn’t inspiring the audience with her powerful thoughts on women’s rights (and commenting on whether she’ll run for office one day), she had a chance to chime in on a topic close to the hearts of many loyal viewers of the original Charmed. What does Alyssa Milano think about the Charmed reboot? Well, she hasn’t exactly tuned in, and now she’s talking about why.

“I have not seen the Charmed reboot because I feel like it would be hard for me to sit through it. It was such a huge part of my life, and I think the way in which it all went down from the beginning and not being included in those discussions kind of makes it hard for me to accept that it’s a thing,” Milano told SheKnows and a group of reporters backstage.

Milano memorably portrayed Phoebe Halliwell on the hit WB series between 1998 and 2006. The show ran for eight seasons, becoming the second-longest-running drama on the network behind 7th Heaven.

“I mean, it was eight years of my life — my formative years — like, 20s and early 30s,” she went on to explain. “But no, I have not watched it.”

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Charmed reboot was in the works as early as 2013 at CBS. The CW ultimately developed the project and, in October 2018, premiered the first season starring Sarah Jeffery, Melonie Diaz and Madeleine Mantock as three sisters who find out they are witches. The show has been described by the network as “fierce, funny, feminist.”

“I wish that they would have come to us and we would have been involved since the beginning,” Milano revealed to ET Online in August. “But having said that, I do hope that it reaches the newer generation and impacts that generation the way ours was able to do for its generation.”

She also added that the possibility of cameo probably wasn’t in the cards, remarking (much to everyone’s dismay), “I think that that ship has sailed for me.”

Even though Milano isn’t likely to be a part of CW’s update of the supernatural cult favorite anytime soon, she has a lot on her plate these days. In addition to acting, being an ACLU artist ambassador for reproductive freedom and releasing an upcoming series of children’s books, she’s also producing projects she’s passionate about.

“I think it is the only way to really teach empathy and compassion is through storytelling,” she told the audience at BlogHer Health. “We’ve gotten very far away from this idea that I was raised with, which was put yourself in this person’s shoes, which is basically what empathy is, and somehow we don’t have that anymore. And I think the thing that the entertainment industry does well, not all the time, but sometimes does well is it shows a different perspective of life and a different ideology and a different upbringing and different philosophies. And maybe, just maybe, the power in that is that it makes us more tolerant.”

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