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Shawn Booth Reacts to Kaitlyn Bristowe’s New Relationship With Jason Tartick

Months after Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe ended their three-year engagement, there’s continuing heartbreak in Bachelor Nation. Although Bristowe hasn’t been shy about her budding romance with Jason Tartick, Booth broke his silence about his breakup with Bristowe — and her new love — in an episode of Ben Higgins’ and Ashley Iaconetti’s Almost Famous: In Depth podcast that premieres Sunday.

In an excerpt of the podcast shared with E! News, Booth said, “I think just with her moving on so quick, I just have a tough time understanding why she would be putting this out everywhere or blasting it all over the place knowing that it could hurt.”

He elaborated in another clip that was shared exclusively with Us Weekly. “[I’m] trying to understand things right now. I guess this goes with her new relationship too,” Booth said. “It just kind of makes me question everything that we’ve had. So I think that’s one of the major questions that runs through my mind — just trying to understand that, which I think is tough to understand.”

Booth continued, “I do care about her, so I am happy that she doesn’t have to, I guess, deal with, maybe, all the pain and the heartbreak because it seems like she’s moved on and she’s happy. It does make me a little more comfortable knowing that she’s not at home at our empty house, so I look at it from that point of view.” He further noted, “I also think that it’s helping me to move on because it does hurt that much, but seeing everything, it does upset me and does make me a little angry, but it also helps me to move on knowing that maybe we weren’t right for each other and that I will find somebody down the road that also makes me happy.”

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Us reported that Booth also told Higgins and Iaconetti that he “lost his best friend” when he and Bristowe broke off their engagement. “I didn’t actually think it was going to be this difficult [to talk about]. I knew it would be hard, but I guess once you actually start opening up about it a little more, it makes it that much harder,” he said. “It just feels like everything is completely gone — like, Kaitlyn and Shawn gone, everything we’ve had, everything we’ve been through. You know, we were this team and we got through a lot of stuff together, but then just, like, in an instant it’s all gone.”

As he navigates his feelings over the breakup, as well as his feelings about Bristowe moving on, Booth admitted that he’s doing his best to stay off social media — which may be for the best, since Bristowe and Tartick haven’t held back from posting about their dates.

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