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Sandra Bullock Is Teaming Up With Netflix Again, & the Project Might Surprise You

Comic book fans will be excited about this news. Sandra Bullock has teamed up with some major heavy-hitters to produce a new Netflix film adaptation of Mark Millar’s Reborn. According to Deadline, The Lego Batman Movie filmmaker Chris McKay is set to direct, with Bullock producing alongside Vertigo Entertainment. This is the second time Bullock has teamed up with Netflix, following the smash-hit thriller Birdbox, which has reportedly been viewed by more than 80 million Netflix users. Reborn will surely be a success as well.

Millar and artist Greg Capullo originally created Reborn, which is a sci-fi/fantasy series that follows 80-year-old Bonnie Black after she dies in a Manhattan hospital. Following her death, Bonnie finds herself reborn in her prime, only now she’s in the afterlife world of Adystria, a land where good and evil are at eternal war. Like any good fantasy land, Adystria is home to creatures like monsters and dragons; within its borders, Bonnie finds old friends and loved ones awaiting her arrival — except for the one person she wants to see more than anyone: her late husband, who died before her.

Following this discovery, Bonnie sets off with her late father to find out where her husband is, armed with nothing but a sword and determination. This sounds like it would be an ideal role for Bullock, who may yet end up leading the cast for the Netflix movie; at this time, Deadline reports that none of the cast has been announced.

As noted by Deadline, Reborn is seemingly the first of the “Millarworld”-inspired TV series and movies that are slated to hit Netflix in the coming months and years. The streaming giant announced adaptations of titles including Jupiter’s LegacyAmerican JesusEmpressHuck, and Sharkey the Bounty Hunter in June of last year. Netflix acquired Millar’s publishing label in 2017.

We look forward to seeing how Reborn and other titles develop for the small screen.

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