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Mark Consuelos Spills the ‘True Secret’ to His Successful Marriage to Kelly Ripa

With soon-to-be 23 years together under their belt — not to mention the playful banter they share on-screen and on social media — Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are marriage goals for countless people. So, what’s the secret to their long-lasting wedded bliss? Consuelos gave the inside scoop to Us Weekly in an interview published on Wednesday.

For starters, Consuelos attributes their longevity at least in part to the fact that they genuinely enjoy each other’s company. “I’m crazy about her,” Consuelos gushed (Ripa previously shared a similar sentiment with Us Weekly, saying, “We like each other, so that helps.”)

To that end, the pair has mastered a routine that allows them to squeeze in quality time every day.

“Because she has to go to work early, I get up with her, I make her a cup of coffee and we talk,” said Consuelos, who is currently starring on the hit CW series Riverdale while his wife does her thing as cohost of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Even when they’re apart, they’re never far from each other’s thoughts. In fact, Consuelos says they frequently trade messages, memes and other exchanges no matter how far apart they may be. “I like to hear from her, she likes to hear from me,” he said.

Ripa also told Us Weekly she can’t picture her life without Consuelos, a feeling that obviously goes both ways. Joking that Ripa always knows how to reel him back in, Consuelos revealed one of his wife’s irresistible qualities. “She plays hard to get still, totally. I’ll call her; she won’t call back. She’s very smart,” he said.

While it won’t come as any big surprise to fans or the couple’s followers on social media, Ripa and Consuelos also keep the love alive with plenty of PDA — much to the chagrin of their oldest son, Michael, 21, and daughter, Lola, 17. Their youngest son, Joaquin, still finds his parents’ affection for each other to be sweet.

“My daughter and my older son are disgusted… whereas Joaquin is till like, ‘Aw, that’s nice,’” Ripa previously revealed, noting that as soon as all the kids graduate, the couple intends to take things up a notch by following advice given to them by Rob Lowe: “As soon as your kids leave, you are totally nude at all times.”

Yowza! Is it getting hot in here, or is it just Ripa and Consuelos?

Aside from the couple’s clear physical chemistry, though, Consuelos gives much of the credit for their long-lasting happiness to his wife, telling Us Weekly, “She’s an extremely patient and a tolerant woman, and I think that’s the true secret to our marriage.”

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