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Kaitlyn Bristowe & Jason Tartick’s Romance Is Reportedly Heating Up

Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but anyone who’s been smitten in a new relationship knows that sometimes, it’s hard to say goodbye. Former Bachelor Nation contestants Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick are reportedly spending a lot of time together after defining their relationship last week and flying across the country multiple times for date nights in Seattle, Nashville and Denver. In fact, Bristowe has now referred to herself as Tartick’s “sweet girlfriend” and admitted she feels comfortable calling him her boyfriend, which is a huge step forward for the pair.

Days after she said on her Off the Vine podcast that she and Tartick weren’t yet labeling their blossoming romance, Bristowe said on last Wednesday’s episode, “We both feel like we’re established and where we wanna be in our lives and we have, like, the self-love and respect to actually, like, be in a mature, healthy relationship.” She went on to clarify, “It’s actually so strange to go from being engaged to thinking of someone as your boyfriend because I feel like that’s taking a step backwards — it’s not. It’s not. If anything, it’s taking a step forward because you’re just growing and evolving as a person.”

Bristowe went on to gush about how Tartick is a “good guy” and a “gentleman,” noting, “I think the first thing that attracted me to him was that he just seems like a dying breed. They don’t make ‘em like him anymore. He’s a gentleman. He sees everybody as equal. … He has the same morals and values as me.”

Meanwhile, Tartick seems to feel similarly about Bristowe. On Monday, he appeared alongside fellow Bachelorette contestant and friend Blake Horstmann on Good Morning America, where he admitted he is “very thankful” that he wasn’t selected to be the new Bachelor and that the title went to Colton Underwood instead. “[If I were the Bachelor,] I wouldn’t have met someone very special to me right now — Kaitlyn,” Tartick said.

These two are seemingly very sweet on each other. Over the weekend, they went on a group date night with Horstmann in Nashville, updating their fans and followers via their Instagram Stories. According to Entertainment Tonight, on Saturday the trio had dinner, agreed to have their server pour a special kind of drink from a decanter straight into their mouths and showed off their dance moves.

Two days prior, Bristowe flew to Seattle to surprise Tartick with a visit. While there, she identified herself as his “sweet girlfriend” when he showed her off on his Instagram Story, according to E! News. A day later, she commented on an Instagram photo of Tartick standing with his arms wide open, writing, “You look like you’re ready for me to slow motion run and jump into your arms. Rom com style.”

It’s been just a couple weeks since Tartick asked Bristowe on a date during an episode of Off the Vine, but things seem to be going really well and we’re rooting for them.

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