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63 Moving Photos & Videos That Embody the Spirit of the 2019 Women’s March

Marchers gathered across the globe on Saturday for the third annual Women’s March, and despite several obstacles, the turnout proved to be impressive and the message powerful.

Due to the government shutdown, the original plans to gather at the National Mall had to be altered (the National Park Service would not be able to plow in the event of snow), so the start was ultimately rerouted to Freedom Plaza.

Nevertheless, marchers persisted.

Harsh winter weather from Canada down into New England and even into the Midwest meant dealing with frigid temps, ice and snow.

Nevertheless, marchers persisted.

Hundreds of thousands of women and men in more than 300 cities across America and many foreign cities persisted to encourage camaraderie, to fight for equality and to underscore the importance of inclusion across gender, race and religious lines.

Here are some of the most inspiring images and video from the 2019 Women’s March.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave a moving speech about shaking the table

The sign game proved stronger than ever

Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland addressed the crowd in LA

The next generation let their voices be heard

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi marched with the crowd

The emphasis on inclusion was palpable

Bryan Cranston cheered on the crowd from his NYC balcony

Women embraced the bonds of sisterhood

Men came out to advocate for equal rights for women, too

Evan Rachel Wood spoke on using peace and policy to lay a foundation

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With @uclawsoccer at the #Womensmarch in LA.

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Marchers braved the bitter cold

Laverne Cox touched on challenging oppressors

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I was so honored to get to attend and speak at #womensmarchla today. It was wonderful to see and meet so many of you and feel your energy.the backlash is real and happening but you showed up and showed out. Thank you! An excerpt from my remarks today: … The achieving of basic human rights, dignity, justice or equity for one group of people does not mean that something is being taken from another group. That's scarcity thinking and scarcity thinking will always drive us further from each other. Divide and conquer is one of the primary tools of the oppressor to control marginalized people. And when I say oppressor let me be clear, each and everyone of us has the capacity to be an oppressor,  no matter who we are, where we are located on social hierarchies or how we identify. And each of us has the capacity to be liberators for ourselves and each other.  We have seen the tool of divide and conquer be used to attack this very march… Mary Pipher in her book "Reviving Ophelia" so beautifully writes, "Social change is a million individual acts of kindness.  Cultural change is a million subversive acts of resistance." It is subversive to choose love in this fear mongering cultural environment of us vs. them. It is a subversive act of resistance to choose love today. #TransIsBeautiful #womensmarch #love #resist

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Indigenous communities raised awareness for missing and murdered Indigenous women

Connie Britton marched alongside feminist filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom

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It was a beautiful day to march yesterday in LA and I was thrilled to again participate in this powerful peaceful gathering. I was honored to introduce @jennifersiebelnewsom, a woman I’ve admired since I made one of my fave videos ever – my feminist hair! – for the @therepproject. But as we were all so aware yesterday, the beauty and power of the march is not ever about any one leader or speaker, but that so so many diverse people from every walk of life can stand shoulder to shoulder and, in the midst of different beliefs and experiences, come together as one, united, emboldened and empowered by the singular belief that women and men, and all human beings, are entitled to equal and equitable treatment and dignity. The power of that truth flowing and soaring through these marches is what changes our world for the better, even and especially in the midst of difference and struggle. It was an honor to walk with you LA! #womensmarch2019

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Olympian Adam Rippon celebrated the progress of the LGBTQ+ community

Congresswomen and men came out to walk alongside their constituents

Iconic activist Dorothy Pitman Hughes spoke to the crowd in Florida

Our Canadian brothers and sisters put forth a strong showing

Stacey Ann Chin delivered a powerful spoken-word poem

Democrats in San Francisco banded together in a big way

Yoko Ono made the march

Jewish women loudly proclaimed their message of solidarity and quest for equality

Moms everywhere railed against gun violence

Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui gave an incredible speech and performance

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