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Could April Return to Grey’s Anatomy in Season 15? Jesse Williams Thinks So (& Fans Agree)

Grey’s Anatomy fans who long ‘shipped (and, let’s be honest, are still ‘shipping) Jesse Williams’ Jackson and Sarah Drew’s April could see their greatest hopes realized in season 15 — at least, they will if Williams has his way. Speaking to TVLine on Friday, Williams admitted he “would love” for Drew to return to the medi-drama.

Sit tight, though, superfans; it isn’t a done deal yet. But we certainly can’t rule it out. After all, Grey’s surprised everyone by not killing off Drew’s character or the other big departure of season 14, Jessica Capshaw’s Arizona. Why leave the door open if they didn’t at least entertain the idea of April or Arizona making future cameos?

Although both characters did, in fact, leave the show during the season 14 finale, April didn’t go far. Unlike Arizona, who left the state to win back her ex-wife, Callie (another dearly departed but not deceased fan favorite), April didn’t even leave Seattle. This is precisely the point a fan made in writing to TVLine for a potential spoiler, noting that April’s close proximity to Grey Sloan means her visiting would “make sense.”

In response, Williams told TVLine he thought April returning would make a terrific arc on the series.

“April is local and we share a kid together, so it would be an opportunity to highlight what it is to be a coparent, or what it is for April to be a third wheel in my relationship with Maggie,” Williams said. “It’s real-life. Most marriages end in divorce, which means new people come into our lives and you have to coexist. You don’t see a lot of that on broadcast television.”

And fans are 100 percent here for it, especially in light of the fact that Williams’ Jackson just found out that his mother, Dr. Catherine Avery Fox, has been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive type of bone cancer.

The prognosis isn’t good, and fans argue that April — who was very close to Catherine — should be there to help Jackson through this difficult time.

Even if Drew doesn’t return to Grey’s anytime soon, though, it doesn’t mean she isn’t still working with her former costars. In October 2018, she starred once again as the wife of Justin Bruening, who played EMT Matthew on Grey’s, in Indivisible.

Drew is currently starring in A Cohort of Guests, a short film costarring none other than Grey’s Kelly McCreary, aka Jackson’s new love, Maggie.

Given Drew’s consistent ties to the Grey’s cast and crew, along with the fact that she truly seems to be adored by the Grey’s fam (Williams told TVLine she was “one of my favorite people in the world”), we’re not ready to give up hope on April popping up in the halls of Grey Sloan sometime in season 15.

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