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Laura Linney Shares a Cute Love Actually Story We’ve Never Heard Before

Love Actually fans will never see Sarah and Karl’s kiss the same way ever again. During a Friday appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Laura Linney opened up about kissing Rodrigo Santoro in the 2003 romantic comedy. If you adore this movie as much as we do, just wait until you hear this major piece of trivia about their kiss and what made it all the more special for both Linney and Santoro.

After host Graham Norton brought up how fans feel sorry for Sarah, Linney’s character in the movie, she agreed by saying, “They feel very sorry for me.” If you don’t recall, Sarah is in love with Karl, Santoro’s character, who also has feelings for his coworker. However, Sarah has to take care of her ill brother, who needs all of Sarah’s attention, which affects her short-lived romance with Karl.

All that said, and as emotional as Sarah’s storyline is, Linney doesn’t want fans to feel bad for her — and for very good reason. “I really believe I got the best kiss in that movie — hands down,” she emphatically told Norton.

Now, are you ready for this huge behind-the-scenes fact about their make-out session? Linney revealed, “We were very brokenhearted when we made that movie. He had just been dumped, I had just been dumped.” It was a difficult time for both of them.

“I remember the day that we were gonna go shoot the scene, we were both just slumped in the van,” she recalled. “I turned to him and was like, ‘Well, all day long we get to make each other feel better.’ I think there is a sweetness to the scene because of that.”

Well, would you look at that? Who knew that Linney and Santoro were also feeling so many emotions, just like their characters, and were able to make themselves feel better, just like Sarah and Karl helped each other emotionally? Love Actually really is a meaningful film.

Now, every time we watch Sarah and Karl’s kiss, we’ll think of how the scene helped Linney and Santoro heal in real life. Linney’s right: she really did have the best kiss of the film.

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