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This Is Us‘ Sterling K. Brown Teases the Reason Rebecca Is ‘Her’ & We’re Nervous

Haven’t the characters on This Is Us been through enough? It would seem that, after a heart-stopping finale that teased rocky times ahead for Beth and Randall, the confirmation that Nicky is still alive in 2019 and the reveal that Rebecca is “her” in those flash-forwards, This Is Us is gearing up for another big emotional moment. Per Sterling K. Brown, the reason Rebecca is “her” will be revealed soon, and his comments indicate that it’s not going to be good.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Brown spoke about the flash-forwards and the reason everyone is going to see Rebecca. “It’s intense,” he noted. “It’s an intense situation that is shrouded in sadness. It’s a rough thing that people are coming together for.”

Brown’s hint seems to expand on the hints that costar Susan Kelechi Watson gave EW in early January, where she teased that the event that has the Pearsons gathering around Rebecca will represent a completion: “I would describe it as a completion in a way. For fans definitely. That comes to my mind. But also for us as individual characters, I think there’s going to be something very complete that happens in that moment.”

What is being completed is still very much unknown, but all things considered, these comments from Brown and Watson only have us more worried about the Pearson clan!

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And speaking of Randall and Beth, whose marriage seems to have been on the rocks since This Is Us took a midseason break, they’ve become one of the biggest talking points recently. It’s probably best to approach their future as a married couple with cautious optimism. In a separate interview with EW about Randall’s big city council win, Brown touched on the fact that Randall’s current trajectory isn’t without added turmoil.

“Randall, in his zealous naiveté, he wants to be of service, he wants to help, and that’s the only thing that matters to him in the beginning. He sees a district that’s being underserved and he feels that he can do a better job, so he runs, not taking into full consideration the level of upheaval that it may cause to his own personal life,” said Brown told EW. “And there is personal upheaval that ensues… and that’s all I can say about that.”

Well, that doesn’t sound good. In fact, all of this news is making our hearts pound — we just want answers, and we want them now! But, as with all things This Is Us, we’re going to have to wait to find out and that, friends, is going to be pretty darn tough.

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