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James Corden & Ashley Graham Debunk Dieting Resolutions (Through Song!)

Every New Year’s, we get bombarded with tips for becoming the best version of ourselves. Out with the old, in with the new, as they say. However, one New Year’s resolution trend is heavily steeped in diet culture, making it hard to avoid talk about weight loss this time of year. Some celebrities aren’t buying into the fad, though. James Corden and Ashley Graham shared their thoughts on New Year’s dieting resolutions on The Late Late Show in a new way: through song.

On Thursday’s episode, Corden and Graham paired up to perform a cover version of Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are.” They just altered the lyrics to deliver their message: “Don’t go dieting / because it’s New Year’s / Don’t feel pressured to lose some weight / I love your body / Enjoy the food you eat / Embrace the mirror / You look great / I’d never ask you to change your body.”

They also threw in some more humor: “There’s other things you need to fix / like how you’re always late to dinner / When we say six / show up at six.” Here, both Corden and Graham stopped singing to complain about how rude it is when people are perpetually tardy.

Later in the song, they do provide a caveat: “You could diet if it makes you smile.” They also encourage people who want to diet to avoid “slimming teas from Instagram.” As they note, “There’s so much pressure to change your body / but never change for someone else / Feel free to exercise / it’s good to move around / but only do it for yourself.”

Although the song is overall fairly comedic, it does drive home an important point about body positivity. More than one celebrity has sworn off dieting for good, which could be its own resolution as we move into 2019.

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