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Julia Roberts Tried to Set Up Connie Britton, & Now We’re Jealous of Their Friendship

In case there aren’t enough reasons to be jealous of Connie Britton, she revealed an interesting friendship during her Wednesday appearance on Busy Tonight. Apparently, Julia Roberts tried to set up Connie Britton (the pair are low-key pals), something she acknowledged when she described her experiences at Sunday’s Golden Globes.

“I love her,” Britton said, noting that she first connected with Roberts through social media: “She kind of, like, reached out to me because she was a fan of my Instagram, a year ago.”

Plus, Britton revealed, Roberts “tried to set me up with somebody [on a date].” Unfortunately, despite host Busy Philipps’ assumption that Roberts would “know good people” for such an endeavor, Britton admitted, “It hasn’t worked out yet.” And when Philipps said she’d try to do better, Britton teased, “Yeah, Julia Roberts did it! You know what I’m saying? Like, whoa.”

Despite the lack of successful romance connections, Britton said there’s absolutely no love lost between her and Roberts. At the Golden Globes, she described Roberts coming up to Britton, cupping her face and saying she loved her.

“I was like, ‘I’m never washing my face again,'” Britton quipped. “Can you tell it’s not really a functional relationship? It’s not really a healthy friendship. It’s more like I idolize her and she’s nice to me.”

“Everybody understands that,” Britton joked. “Don’t judge me!”

Philipps said she could definitely relate; in December, Philipps got to chat with her own idol, Oprah Winfrey, on the phone she has set up on her Busy Tonight set specifically for the star to call, any time she wants.

This kind of candor between Philipps and Britton comes from their longtime friendship, which began when they both guest-starred on the 2010 dramedy Life As We Know It and then sat together on the plane ride home. Thus, the pressure for Philipps to find a good match for her friend is even more intense, even without the added knowledge that Roberts tried to set her up.

“I do have this dream of meeting somebody on a plane,” Britton reflected. “That’s my meet-cute because I love traveling. I travel a lot.”

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