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Oprah & Gayle King Dish Out Spicy Dating Advice (& More) in Hilarious Video Series

Whatever the problem, count on eternal besties Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King to dole out solid advice on how to solve it. That’s exactly what happened when Winfrey and King appeared in Oprah Magazine’s The OG Chronicles this week and answered questions from fans that touched on a variety of relationship issues.

In the six-minute video of what will surely be the first of many in the OG Chronicles (“OG” = Oprah and Gayle) series, Winfrey and King chortle and counsel their way through questions that touch on everything from keeping a relationship sexy and fresh to advising a writer on whether its OK to give up a phone pass code to deciding once and for all whether it’s OK to sleep with someone on the first date. It’s not only a rare treat to see these BFFs together, but it’s a serious delight to see them trading dating advice and anecdotes from their own experiences, allowing viewers rare insight into their personal lives.

First up: advising empty nesters on how to keep their marriage sexy and exciting. Winfrey, who draws on her long-term relationship with Stedman Graham and recounts the hilarious and unexpected reaction she got from him when she wore lingerie, recommended the writer ask their partner what they want. King agreed, recalling her own misfortunes when she tried to surprise her ex by revealing a sexy outfit hidden under a trench coat (it apparently didn’t go over well).

When it comes to handing over the phone pass code to a significant other, Winfrey says no but King is all for it. Sleeping together on a first date? Winfrey and King gave fervent nos, but laughingly questioned whether they were just too old to even comment on that. Handling a boyfriend who is lying about having a job? Winfrey gives solid advice on that, telling the writer to tell their boyfriend “Boy, bye!” for his lie.

The entire video is just a treat, with Winfrey and King laughing their way through the advice-giving and teasing one another for their dating histories. And bonus: They really do dole out solid dating advice, so why not listen to them?

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