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ABC’s Juicy Extended Promo for The Bachelor Season 23 Teases So Much Drama

Buckle up, Bachelor Nation, because season 23 of The Bachelor is officially underway… and it looks like it’s going to be one bumpy ride. Following the three-hour premiere of Colton Underwood’s reign as rose-giver, ABC has released an extended season promo full of drama, tears and steamy make-out moments.

To recap, Underwood made his debut on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, where — despite being booted — he quickly rose to notoriety for revealing he is a virgin. On Bachelor in Paradise, he explored his prior connection to former Bachelor contestant Tia Booth before ultimately leaving the show early.

So, ABC did the only logical thing: bring Underwood back to TV one more time, this time sending him his own cast of romantic hopefuls to *fingers crossed* find his future bride among. What could go wrong, eh? Well, judging by the roughly three-minute-long teaser trailer ABC dropped, plenty.

Sure, the season seems to have its fair share of highlights. For starters, Underwood certainly doesn’t appear to be missing any opportunities to test his sexual chemistry with the women vying for his affection. Also, we counted that at least three contestants who admitted they were falling in love with Underwood.

However, season 23 looks to be more turbulent than it is smooth sailing.

Not surprisingly, there are far too many bad sex jokes rooted in Underwood’s abstinence. And Underwood himself addresses his virginity multiple times in the clip, saying at one point, “When I lose my virginity, it will be tender, it will be caring, it will be passionate, because I want to be in love the first time I have sex.”

There are a few sneak peeks at what are presumably Underwood’s Fantasy Suite dates along with speculation as to whether or not he cashed in his V-card. All this despite producers’ promises they would not exploit Underwood’s virginity for ratings.

But perhaps the biggest source of drama this season stems from the women competing for Underwood’s heart. Gossiping, name-calling, backstabbing — these ladies are out for blood. Or at least that’s what this preview would have us believe.

It’s no big wonder Underwood finds himself in the midst of an existential Bachelor crisis wondering whether the women are here for the right reasons and crying over having his heart broken. All this culminates in one of the most talked-about moments from any Bachelor promo ever: Underwood hopping over the Bachelor Mansion fence (with impressive ease) and making an apparent run for it.

Yowza! Harrison’s annual prediction of “the most dramatic season ever” might actually bear credence this go-round. And as for whether or not all the drama turned out to be worth it, don’t expect to get the inside scoop from Underwood anytime before the finale.

“I want everybody to go on this ride and this journey with me, so I don’t want to spoil anything and I don’t want to give anything away,” Underwood told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview that aired on Tuesday. “It was challenging and it was hard at times. I knew it was going to be hard at times and I embraced it and I loved the fact that it was. But I will say, I’m exactly where I need to be in my life right now.”

The Bachelor airs at 8/7c on Monday nights on ABC.

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