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Did You Recognize Jim Carrey’s New Girlfriend at the Golden Globes?

In one of the more quietly endearing moments from the 2019 Golden Globes, Jim Carrey made his red carpet debut with Ginger Gonzaga, an actor and Carrey’s costar on his current Showtime series Kidding. Carrey not only showered Gonzaga with compliments during a red carpet interview with Entertainment Tonight, but was so effusive about her that it made us want to find out more about her. Who is Jim Carrey’s girlfriend, Ginger Gonzaga? Here’s why she might just be a familiar face.

First, the official introduction of Gonzaga as Carrey’s girlfriend… In a pre-Golden Globes red carpet interview, we see Carrey not only confirm that the award show outing was their first big public event as a couple, but he also took a moment to shower her with compliments.

“[It’s like our] coming out. It’s lovely, and I’m very lucky. I feel very lucky,” Carrey commented, going on to agree with ET that Gonzaga was beautiful, but there was much more to her than her looks. “She’s not only beautiful, she’s wickedly talented and amazing and smart.”

During that same interview, Gonzaga explained how she and Carrey met, noting that they connected before they worked together on Kidding.

“We didn’t meet on Kidding… I was on another show that Jim produced. We are costars on Kidding, so it was just lovely. And like I say, I wore a really sexy bald cap and naturally looked amazing,” she recalled with a smile.

Carrey chimed in with confirmation, saying, “Yes. We started seeing each other after we finished the show, and we just really hit it off.”

So, who is Gonzaga exactly? Sure, she’s an actor who is currently starring on Kidding, but if you took one look at Gonzaga’s IMDb, her credits might make you go, “Oh, so that’s where I know her from.”

Per her IMDb, Gonzaga has not only written and directed TV and short films, but she has appeared in movies like Someone Marry Barry and Ted, and she’s devoted more of her time to acting in various TV shows. In addition to Kidding, past credits include: Grace and FrankieTogetherness, Wrecked, I’m Dying Up Here, Bill Nye Saves the World and Family Guy.

Gonzaga’s Instagram reveals she’s also deeply embedded in the Los Angeles comedy scene, with folks like Carrey and Mark Duplass popping up on her social media feeds. She’s also admirably vocal on pressing current events, notably celebrating the release of Crazy Rich Asians over the summer and following Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony in Washington, D.C., in the fall.

Carrey wasn’t kidding in his compliments and praise for Gonzaga; she’s established an accomplished career of her own and occupies her own rightful space in the public eye. It will be very interesting to see where she and Carrey go from here, as a couple and as costars.

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