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Idris Elba & Daniel Craig Took a Silly Golden Globes Selfie, Fueling James Bond Speculation

Is a new James Bond entering the iconic franchise? Eventually, yes, though we don’t yet know who it will be. After years of speculation that he might take on the iconic mantle of James Bond, Idris Elba may have stirred up even more frenzy about the idea on social media during Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards. Elba and Daniel Craig, the current Bond, took a selfie that Elba shared on Twitter, leading some to think that Elba’s vehement denial of any possibility that he might someday play the British spy is just a front.

Before hopping into the photo with Craig on Sunday, Elba chatted with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet, where he once again shot down rumors that he might someday take over the role of James Bond from Craig, whose next (and presumably last) Bond film, Bond 25, will hit theaters next year.

“I appreciate it,” Elba told ET. “It’s a compliment, but I don’t think there’s any… it’s not going to happen. Just putting it out there. It’s not going to happen.” He called the speculation “the biggest rumor in the world,” which is hopefully hyperbolic. Elba would make an amazing Bond, as his fans who have been clamoring for him to play the part have been saying for years.

In the photo Elba posted on Twitter, he makes an awkward face for the camera and keeps one hand on Craig’s shoulder, while Craig seemingly stares into the side of Elba’s face. Elba captioned the photo, “Er….” on Twitter and wrote on the photo itself, “Awks…..”

Elba’s fiancée Sabrina Dhowre posted the same snap on Instagram using the caption: “Not to add to the fire but….play nice guys.”

Several fans leaned into the inevitable puns inspired by the photo, including one person who tweeted, “Looks like you….. bonded.” A handful of people posted a GIF of an animated Spider-Man pointing at another identical Spider-Man. Another person added, “You vs the guy they told you not to worry about.” Finally, one fan took Elba’s two photo captions and created a hashtag to continue the tireless campaign to have Elba play Bond.

Of course, Elba’s “er, awks” photo with Craig could be awkward purely because of the rumors about future James Bond casting. Maybe he honestly has no plans to ever take on the mantle, but we hope that the awkwardness comes from the fact that he will, someday, be the next 007.

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